Mr. Robot Joins Pop Television Series

Thanks to an article on we now have confirmation that Mr. Robot will be added to the Pop Vinyl line. This series starts off with a half-dozen figures – Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot, Angela Moss, Darlene, White Rose, and a chase figure of Elliot with his hood up. The article also alludes to a seventh figure from the series that will show up at San Diego Comic Con.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Robot Joins Pop Television Series

  1. I wonder who is going to be the seventh figure, maybe Elliot Masked? Or Tyrell Wellick, since he was announced in the beginning.

    1. Could always use another Craig Robinson pop (even though he is such a minor character)

  2. Definitely the 7th character is going to be the FSociety character with mask and tuxedo

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