Disney Treasures extends Pirate Cove deadline and announces June theme

The cutoff date to order the first Funko Disney Treasures subscription box with the Pirate Cove theme has been extended to April 22nd. The service will feature 100% Exclusive collectibles and accessories made by Funko especially for Disney fans and collectors that will be released every other month. The June theme Festival of Friends was announced with a sneak peek of an amazing Dumbo with Timothy Q. Mouse from the iconic movie scene when Dumbo first learns he can fly complete with magic feather. If I only get one month of this awesome box this will probably be the one. For those of you looking to continue the subscription throughout the entire year with the Pioneer plan you’ll receive an Exclusive pin with the first box and a special collectible anniversary gift at the end of the year. Have you already joined the fun and if so which plan did you choose?