Wonder Woman Exclusive Pops!

If you are looking forward to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, you may be interested to know about a couple of the upcoming exclusive Pops!

Hot Topic will be stocking the Amazonian variant which you can check out below! Will you be picking one up when it’s available?

Entertainment Earth also announced today that the Diana Prince Pop! will be available exclusively through them and can be pre-ordered here!

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the movie and which Pops you plan on grabbing!


9 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Exclusive Pops!

  1. All of them. The answer is all of them. Commons, exclusives, every single pop from this line will be mine.

  2. I wonder what the Legion of Collectors one will be. So far only getting the common of Wonder Woman to have one in my collection. These are meh.

  3. I suspect we’ll be getting an Ares Pop in our Legion of Collectors box. These WW Pops look fantastic.

  4. I plan to get the whole WW movie line.

    Would have just waited for Diana to show up at FYE, but since EE also has a bloody Ash, I’ll probably preorder both.

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