New Entries for DC Universe/DC Super Heroes Pops

After several suggestions, a long period of discussion, and some analysis, we have decided to split out the four Pop Heroes who have both DC Super Heroes and DC Universe boxes – Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. History has been split out between the two in the best manner possible. This was always going to be a difficult one, because some sellers might use the stock DC Universe photos when they’re really selling the DC Super Heroes versions. Because of this, we will only include verifiable entries into the DC Universe listings. By this we mean that the picture must not be a stock photo and/or there has to be some mention of it being the DC Universe box (“Original”).

22 thoughts on “New Entries for DC Universe/DC Super Heroes Pops

  1. Two other examples where this should be done are the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy vs Dark Knight Rises and the Unmasked Deathstroke SDCC vs Underground Toys/Unstickered. There can be a huge swing in those depending on which one you are buying.

    1. You are so correct…also DC Universe Chase pops..those should be added separately from the DC Heroes Chase pops..huge price difference.

      1. Actually yes. You have a very small chance of getting the Wonder Woman, Joker, and Flash chase over Amazon.

        1. Not the “DC Universe” version of the chase…those boxes are vaulted. That’s what I meant.

  2. Yeah I have to ask about the chases as well since both my Flash and Robin chases are the “DC superheroes” box

  3. Another BIG consideration you guys should consider adding. Are the DC Universe Metallic CHASE versions to be added to the PPG…as they are in same subject as the difference between the DC “Heroes” pops compared to the DC “Universe” versions. Please consider the DC Universe chase pops to add too. There is a huge price difference. Also the SDCC Deathstroke. There’s only 1500 with SDCC sticker. That should be its own listing as well. Yes there are re makes…but this is a San Diego Comic Con Pop…I believe it should have its own listing too. Please consider DC universe Chase as sepetate listings guys. Thank You.

  4. The DC Universe Bobble head Target exclusives from 2010,are ending up under the regular DC universe pop pg sold listings. Also..the “PX exclusive” remakes are winding up under DC universe listings too. If you guys find a chance to please fix this error. I have reported some so you guys can see. Hope this helps.

  5. I’m very happy about this announcement. I’m also glad that part of the announcement is that “Stock photo sales_ won’t count under PPG sold listings”..the reason I say because…I bought DC Universe Flash and robin…they were both stock photos..but seller said in listing “_DC Universe”..but when I recieved the eBay order..they were all the “DC Heroes” version. Thank you guys..I really appreciate this addition to the PPG! 🙂

  6. You may also may want to do this with the blue vs black Dark Knight Batman boxes. Another is the Paris Expo vs Texas Con Holographic Vader

  7. One thing im surprised hasn’t been sorted is Deathstroke – there are regular and metallic versions of the black eye and blue eýe variant but there is only a listing for 1 regular and 1 metallic. Thr black eye versions are much rarer than blue eyed.

  8. The Dark Knight Rises and Dark Knight Trilogy were separate listings before on this website! I don’t understand why they changed it……

    1. Yes, I believe they are. Before I scored one from 2012 the other day, the one I had is dated 160706. So as of last July they were still being made.

  9. To add to this, I am only a DC collector. That’s all. I have about 185 DC pops now.

    It wasn’t until a few days ago or so when some listed the original 18 DCUs (plus an extra HM and AM (or GA) with a buy it now for like 10K. He mentioned in his listing that he researched etc. etc and has the original run. Something to that effect anyway.

    But it made me go and look at what I have in DCU boxes to see my ages. I was a bit surprised by it all.

    I guess what I am getting at, is Joker, Supes (any others?) you can still get in DCU boxes. I don’t believe any others are still made, right?

    Given that, does the bottom flap date become somewhat important to discern how old your DCU box is? I think it does play into it. If you have a Joker and a Supes from first run surely they are more valuable then the ones made in 2016?

    Any thoughts?

    Here is my list of DCU boxes with dates (known anyway-some are still to arrive!)

    X 01: Batman DCU 111119
    X 02: Robin DCU (Incoming)
    X 03: Batgirl DCU (Incoming)
    X 04: The Penguin DCU 100921
    X 06: The Joker DCU 141225
    X 06: The Joker DCU 161109
    X 06: The Joker Bobblehead DCU 110705
    X 07: Superman DCU 120331
    X 07: Superman DCU 160706
    X 08: Wonder Woman DCU 130824
    X 08: Wonder Woman DCU (Incoming)
    X 10: The Flash DCU 101019
    X 11: Hal Jordan GL 110524
    X 13: Two Face DCU 140425
    X 14: Shazam! DCU 120526
    X 16: Aquaman DCU 120526
    X 18: Martian Manhunter DCU (Incoming)

    What do others think about the date thing on the DCU boxes?

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