Mystery Solved: Contents of GameStop’s “Knock Out” Box Revealed!

GameStop has had their latest Funko “Mystery” box up for preorder for a few weeks now and they have released information on what you can expect to find inside! The “Knock Out” box was set to feature items from both Tekken and Street Fighter with a release date of May.

So “What’s in the box??” I hear you cry in your best Brad Pitt impression. If you pick up the box you’ll be treated to an Armor King Pop! Vinyl, Chun-Li Rock Candy and an Akuma Pocket Pop! Keychain! Check them out below!

You may notice that the bottom of the ad states that you may be able to find “RARE VARIANTS & A GOLDEN FIGURE.” We currently can’t speak on what the ‘rare variants’ could be, but as with most other GameStop mystery boxes, you can expect select boxes to contain a golden Armor King Pop.

So the biggest mystery that really remains is why GameStop and Funko continue to call these “Mystery Boxes”!


Will you be picking up a “Knock Out” box in May? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: Contents of GameStop’s “Knock Out” Box Revealed!

  1. The mystery is whether or not your box has a “rare or gold variant” otherwise, it’s not much of a mystery.

    I’ll be getting one just to get the Armor King.

  2. Wow not the greatest mystery they could have put at least to pops instead of a rock candy for example a metallic M Bison or Shin Akuma good have been great choices but thanks anyways funko

  3. i most likely will get one or 2 if there still left when i get back from ireland n the uk in may
    i have played both games n would like all this stuff for my collections

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