Funko Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Round 2

The second wave of Funko’s Star Wars Celebration exclusives have been announced. A few of these have been teased in the past on box art, but this is the first official announcement. New Pops include Princess Leia in Hoth Gear, Hooded Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars: Rebels, and 442nd Battalion Clone Trooper. We’ll also see the first 2-packs of Hikari Minis, featuring Greedo in different colors and translucency. And finally, we get a weird looking Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb plush 2-pack.

One thought on “Funko Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Round 2

  1. More totally awesome Pop! figures that I would love see in stores since I can’t make it to the convention.

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