Coming soon: Looney Tunes Dorbz with Chases and Captain Underpants Pops

At long last Funko is making Looney Tunes products. First up is some pretty cool Dorbz with 2 chases. Collect that wascally wabbit Bugs Bunny holding his infamous Duck Season sign and Daffy Duck with his Rabbit Season sign. Of course you will need Elmer Fudd to decide which season it actually is. There are also 2 chases, each with 1 in 6 rarity. The Bugs chase holds a carrot and chase Daffy is in his Stupor Duck Costume. Funko also is giving us a Pete Puma Dorbz


Just in time for the upcoming Captain Underpants movie, Funko is giving us 3 Captain Underpants Pops! The Pops will include of course Captain Underpants, his nemesis Professor Poopypants, and a Professor Poopypants in his snazzy pink suit that will be exclusive to FYE. Look for these Dorbz and Pops in April.