Smuggler’s Bounty Spoilers!

As the title suggests, this post contains spoilers for the upcoming Smuggler’s Bounty.

Funko have already announced that the next Star Wars Rebels themed Smuggler’s Bounty box will include a Maul Pop! – but thanks to Rebels Executive Producer Dave Filoni – we now know there will be two Pops inside! The second Pop will be Captain Rex! You can check it out below!

9 thoughts on “Smuggler’s Bounty Spoilers!

  1. Yes Epic with rex!!!!!! No regrets at all!!!!!!! Epic box! and if I get a T-Shirt will be one of the most amazing box that they are making!

  2. nice box!
    i am tempted by the “funko powered” boxes more then any other mystery/subscription boxes. all Funko, all exclusive & only $25! it does seem like the marvel ones are more consistently awesome, but maybe that just my bias.
    LOL, i sound like an AD…

    1. I can’t see them releasing two Rebels themed boxes in short succession, but technically you’re right, there is a slim chance it is from another box.

  3. I think this will be the first sub box I actually order. Was waiting for news that it came with 2 Pops, since most Star Wars boxes have. Still most excited about this new Darth Maul.

  4. I love both pops this time around! Maul is an awesome character (especially in the animated series) and a new pop of him is great! Also, I always loved the clone troopers and the way they all developed their own unique personalities. Rex may be one of the only ones really developed in Rebels (not many clones left) but he was always one of the awesome ones!

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