(Not as much) Greeeeeen! Emerald City Comic Con Funko Exclusives: Wave 2

Wave two of Funko’s Emerald City Comic Con exclusives have been revealed. While the theme for these exclusives is usually heavily green, it’s a little less so with this wave.

Dorbz: Freddy Funko – Seattle Freddy (3000pc LE)
Pop! Marvel: WWII Captain America
Pop Television: Stranger Things – Eleven & Barb 2-pack
Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Green T-Bone (3000pc LE)
Pop! Ride: Hanna-Barbera – Hong Kong Phooey (3000pc LE)
Pop! Star Wars: Muftak
Pop! Games: Overwatch – Emerald Pharah
Pop! Funko: Spastik Plastik – Diablo in Green Suit (3000pc LE)
Pop! Hanna-Barbera: DynoMutt (3000pc LE)
Pop! Hanna-Barbera: Blue Falcon (3000pc LE)
Dorbz: Spastik Plastik – Carlos, Dino & Guappo 3-pack (2000pc LE)

17 thoughts on “(Not as much) Greeeeeen! Emerald City Comic Con Funko Exclusives: Wave 2

  1. Hopefully Michigan J Frog and WWII Cap both lead to more pops in their lines. Been hoping for them for a long time.

  2. I’d love that WWII Captain America!

    Had to look up Muftak, didn’t recognize. He’s a Mos Eisley Cantina character from Ep4, if anyone else is lost too.

  3. I need to get that WW2 Captain America. I just hope hes not a Toy Toyko or in person convention only exclusive.

  4. WWII cap and Muftuk are epic! Hopefully somewhere in NZ or at least Australia can get them in.

  5. Love that WWII Captain America! Was always disappointed we never got one from the first film, which is still my favorite, so great to finally see one. Somebody said that Hot Topic will be getting him as an exclusive as well, so I hope that’s true.

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