15 thoughts on “New Specialty Series Items Announced!

  1. Hi, does anyone here know where the Iceman Pop! is up for pre-order, out of any US websites or stores? Any responses would be Greatly Appreciated, as so far, I haven’t been able to find ANY US website/store which has the Iceman Pop! up for Pre-order…

    1. It took over a month for me to see Emma Frost in a store after she was announced, maybe longer. Just find a local store that sells any Specialty Series, and request it. They’re usually found only at “one-off” independent stores, whether comic, collectibles, or gaming stores.

    2. jmdtoystore.com will have him soon as funko makes the official announcement, ive got s few pops from there always in mint condition.

    3. Usually when it’s those specialty pops you can just find ’em at your local comic book shop that holds pops. Kinda like Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  2. I’ve also been looking for a US website. No luck so far, I’ve dug up several overseas websites though that still have them available for pre-order.

  3. Anyone know where the Minion Dorbz is available for pre-order? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Myself and my daughter love to collect the Minions pops and dorbz.

    1. Thanks PatientX, Thanks for the Website Suggestion, I Appreciate It. I’ll just keep checking Woozymoo as well as my Go-To Site: BigBadToyStore.com on a Daily Basis to see once they post up their Funko Pre-Order Updates. Hopefully this will turn up sooner or later in the next 2 weeks, because this is an Epic X-Men Pop, and I already have the Iceman Dorbz from the NYCC Dorbz 3-Pack… This one Looks Amazingly Sculpted and I wonder how they’ll make the Translucency Effect, because it almost looks like It’s Gleaming on the Glam Shot!

  4. I also saw where there is going to be minions pops available for Despicable Me 3. I know that FYE has one. Does anyone know where and which ones will be available. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up as always. I ordered me a Max Rebo during all the initial pre order release stampede and got lucky at the time to get one through Toywars. Also ordered one through Woozymoo and kept both orders just in case something happened to one of the orders and could swap to someone if both arrived ok. Well, months later, and I come home to a package on my porch this week and had no clue what it was, being I hadn’t ordered anything in forever. Of course it was my Max from Toywars finally making an appearance lol. Then, just yesterday, I receive an email from Woozymoo, telling me they had to cancel the order because they sold more than they had in stock. Nothing against Woozymoo at all, I still purchase from them from time to time and they are always jam up on their pops and stuff, just glad I hung onto both orders lol and crazy how it came months later. If I remember correctly, I pre ordered it in October or November lol. I guess the moral or morals to this novel I just typed, is, order two from two seperate vendors, be ready to wait a few months on the specialty series items to arrive, and if all the vendors sell out initially, hang tight cause they usually will get more in. Plus, most of the specialty series pops n dorbz end up coming down to around $15-20, if you aren’t able to pre order one. Will keep a check on this board for “on sale date” and will update if I run across any for pre order =)

  6. My local comic store owner spoke to Funko yesterday about Iceman and apparently they were quite rude about it. Did I miss something?!? How was this announced? Was it leaked? Are we not supposed to know about it yet?!?

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