Gamestop Exclusive “Morphing” Power Rangers Pops

We’ve been a little behind on the front page news due to an overload of things to do, and here’s one we missed last week. Available now are five “Morphing” Power Rangers – Pink, Blue, Black, Red, and Yellow. They have more of a translucent glittery appearance than anything, and while I’m not a MMPR fan, I do have to say these look kind of cool. These are currently available online at Gamestop and due to hit stores soon.

7 thoughts on “Gamestop Exclusive “Morphing” Power Rangers Pops

  1. Too bad GAMESTOP is charging $5.99 shipping for each “order line”(figure), instead of charging shipping on the full order.. So if we want these, it’s going to cost $95+.!! Very unhappy about this!! Their shipping used to be 3.99 per line (figure) on pre orders… Or am I missing something?

    1. Pre-order in store. That way you don’t have to pay that ridiculous shipping fee for each Pop.

  2. Thought this was gonna sell out like the other exclusive PR from GameStop. Thankfully got all 3 (plus an additional red ranger) looking forward to the other two next week.

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