Funko Pop! Steven Universe – Wave 2

Today Funko announced wave 2 of everyone’s favorite Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe. Due March 2017 the 2nd wave includes Steven’s best friend Connie, as well as crystal gem Rose Quartz, Peridot and Lapis.  Also included, Lion, Steven’s magical pink savior who occasionally comes to his rescue, will additionally be available in a flocked variant exclusive to Hot Topic.

27 thoughts on “Funko Pop! Steven Universe – Wave 2

  1. Waste of plastic, IMHO. Wish they would take the energy they put into this line and other crap like Dragonball Z, Naruto, etc. and put it into expanding the Marvel, DC, and Star Wars lines even further. I’ll laugh when I see these SU Pops on clearance in a few months.

    1. Don’t be mean. They’ll go on discount late in the year after the alternate versions are released.

    2. A bit harsh on anime lines I think… as an avid Star Wars and marvel collector myself I’d love more too but definitely don’t cut anime as I love those lines as well.

    3. “I don’t like this thing, therefore it shouldn’t exist. Instead, there should only be more of the thing that I like even though there’s already a lot of it.”

    4. I always feel like dragon ball and naruto take way too much space. Those anime were cool in middleschool but they’re just cheesy these days.

      1. Finally someone else who is sensible has joined in on the conversation. The “best” that the people who have disagreed with me have done this far is resort to ad hominem. It’s funny that you said Dragonball and Naruto were cool in middle school for you because that makes me think that all of the people who are disagreeing with me are in middle school (or who knows, maybe they only have a mental age of 10-12 years old).

        1. The anime lines are some of the best in my opinion and i’m a big Naruto fan and so what those lines are a part of their childhood that why they come out with more and they need to come out with more Naruto pops in my opinion because their are so many characters they can make and different versions of characters

          1. btw i’m 18 and i have a lot of star wars pops also which is one of my favorite lines they have made also

        2. You came into a post about something that wasn’t aimed at you and spouted negativity, what, exactly, did you expect? Do people go into posts about Star Wars Pops and talk about what a waste of plastic they are? What makes you think you deserve respect or decency when you display none yourself?

          Are you sure you aren’t the child? Grow up.

    5. I’m an all round collector and I think they are over saturating the market with Starwars Funkos and I’m all for more Anime and Cartoon themed Funkos

    6. You don’t have to be a jerk. They’ve already made every obscure character from Marvel, Dc, Star Wars, etc. and obviously they wouldn’t make a wave two if wave one didn’t do well. I know I’ll buy these.

    7. Steven universe is meany for kids. The pops are geared toward them. Just because it might not be a big collector item doesn’t mean that they won’t make someone happy. Especially since peridot and lapis are so popular.

    8. Steven universe is meant for kids. The pops are geared toward them. Just because it might not be a big collector item doesn’t mean that they won’t make someone happy. Especially since peridot and lapis are so popular.

  2. I’m excited to possibly finish the collection. Worried about getting the Flocked Lion because I’ve heard that Flocked POPs kinda get moldy after a while for some reason involving the material used in the flocking process?

  3. Marvel, dc and Starwars are all over done already.
    Why bother commenting on something that doesn’t have anything at all to do with you?
    Some people just want attention I suppose.

    On Topic: Connie should have been Greg

    1. If Star Wars is so over done then where are the Prequel Pops? For Marvel they could always do more X-Men and I only said DC because that’s one of their top three most popular line along with Marvel and Star Wars (even though I’m not a fan of DC and I am not that familiar with the characters).

    2. I’m glad they made Connie, and even more glad that she’s in her fighting outfit, but I hope they make Greg also.

  4. Yesssss, so glad we’re finally getting Peridot. I’m surprised it’s Connie in her ‘knight’ look, though- almost all of the other merch of her has been in the dress she wore before she started training. I absolutely love it, though. Lapis and Rose look great as well. Can’t wait to get these!

  5. A reminder, Everyone is allowed their opinion to like or dislike anything that Funko does. All we ask is that everyone keep it civil.

  6. I honestly love SU. I’m glad they are coming out with a second wave because I buy pops that I enjoy. Not because of the value or how much I can resell it for. I own, Starwars- Dc- Marvel- Anime – Video games, ETC ETC ETC. If no one was buying the SU pops, they wouldn’t make a second wave.

  7. I thought the OP was just having a laugh, but he’s oddly serious.

    Don’t knock Stephen Universe unless you’ve given it a chance; it’s surprisingly well done. I would have never considered watching it, but my teens control the tv usually and it was on constantly, to the point where I had seen enough of it while doing housework that I started asking questions about it and then ended up watching it with them. Once you get into the universe they’ve created, the quality of the writing comes through.

    I’ll definitely be buying these Pops.

    As far as Star Wars — I hate them. I’m a huge SW fan — there’s probably no other line of Pops I’d rather see, but I could care less if they release any more. The base they put on all of them completely ruins the “Pop” look for me. I have more SW stuff in my house than other collectible, but not a single SW Pop.

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