A Message about Estimated Values (UPDATED 2/19)

Update 2/19: The problem has been resolved. As of a couple of days ago, the process that was disallowing us from pulling in closed listings was finally fixed. Since it’s been down since 1/26/17, that left us with roughly 50,000 listings to go through. This is obviously a substantial backlog and will take us some time to get through. We will be working diligently to get these all updated so that all data is as current as possible. Thanks again for your patience while we worked through this issue.

Update 2/13: We are still waiting on eBay, who has told us that the fix will be put into production “by the end of the week”. The urgency has been expressed to them on multiple occasions, so hopefully this his being taken into consideration. Of course we’ll keep you updated as we have new information. Once again, please remember that we are pushing three weeks worth of backlog at the moment and will be approaching 50,000+ listings to go through, which will take some time to catch up on. Thanks again for the understanding and patience.

2/2/16 – Due to a problem with our connection to eBay in regards to getting sold items, PopPriceGuide has not been able to pull in new data since Jan 26, 2017. As a result, most items estimated values are not changing. Ebay is aware of the problem on their end, and are working on resolving it, unfortunately they don’t expect to have a fix in place until next week. At that time we will have approx. 45,000 auctions to go through, it will take us some time to fight our way through the backlog. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

50 thoughts on “A Message about Estimated Values (UPDATED 2/19)

    1. Just wondering how you guys pull data into the site? Do you have logic implemented that extracts sales data? Or is it more automated and updated real time by something like an API?

  1. Thanks for the info! I moderate Funko Fans Buy/Sale/Trade/Chat and asked our admins the other day if any of them had noticed this issue and they said no, but the next day one shared this with me, so thank you for the updates!

    1. HI just wanted to know if the gold golden girls will be on here or if it is we’re is it I can’t find them n one other thing maybe u could start including underground toys exclusives along with there counterpart I have three underground toys exclusives n on the ppg they only always say Walgreens or hot topic I know there the exact same pop but was wondering if the ugt exclusives would be worth more because they r foreign other than that I love ppg I’m on it all day everyday thnks for all u do n I agree with another persons comment u guys should get n exclusive that would b cool thnks again

      1. I don’t know of any gold golden girls. Can you provide us more information about them.
        We do not normally differentiate figures based on stickers. Usually there is little price difference. As to putting Underground exclusives, we’ e talked about it but haven’t come to a consensus as to whether that information would be useful to our users.

      2. Sorry to say, but your gold Golden Girls was a scam – a person on eBay is spray painting pops and putting them up for sale at a jacked up price, complete with a custom-made home-printed sticker on the front.

        1. The description does say “custom” so the buyer may not have read it. Wouldn’t call it a scam.

  2. All of us collectors owe you a debt of gratitude for operating this site. I would not be opposed to a charge for the collection database. It might also give us the opportunity to buy/sell/trade with others that were paying members of the site. Just a thought. Thanks again for all you do!!!

    1. Agreed, would pay for premium/collector subscription. 15-30/annual?

      Just add some more collection tracker sort/organize/display features. And a .csv export feature would be super easy to install.

      Thanks guys!

  3. If this site starts charging, I am gone. It does not work most of the time. Even before the change over, it was less than reliable in its price scale. If there were another option, I would not use this site anymore.
    Unless, can I come in and do it?

      1. Not sure I’d say it’s the best. They pull their info from eBay. If you want real time prices just look at eBay completed listings, that’s what PPG does.

  4. I’d pay a premium if it entititled me to new features that weren’t related to trading.

    However, I’m really surprised your website doesn’t have their own exclusive Pop! by now considering how known you are. I’m sure the funko company would be more than willing to do one for you. Just a side thought….

  5. best site for pricing is ebay ppg us good but they get their info from ebay so ebay is best place to determine value. their is no determining the value difference from a pop in box compared to out of box I don’t use ppg to determine any items value I use it to track what I have and if their was a charge I too would no longer use the site

  6. eh people take the prices on this to heart. most people dont consider that ebay takes 11% off the top then paypal another 3%. and those prices usually include shipping.

  7. You are exactly the kind of person the Funko community could do without, Elestor.
    People who want everything handed to them for free. You swear by ppg but want to low ball others that do as well. You bitch when your free tool is down for repairs, but when someone even mentions a small fee to keep your bible running smooth, you decide you will go elsewhere. Even after stating you have nowhere else to go

    1. I am? You have no idea what I have. Ive invested thousands into this collection. I am exactly the kind of person Funko wants to purchase their product. I want what for free? I work for everything I have. I did make mention to the fact that the site has had issues, so what? Criticism is just one flavor of life. I was not vulgar or brash unlike your comment. You cant have everyone fawning over how awesome something is, without someone pointing out its not all perfect. Which I would hope the site would like to hear about. But it seems you don’t like to hear those type of things.

  8. Thanks for everyone’s comments. A note about charging for the site: we will never charge for what is already available. Everyone will be able to use the collection tracker and see the current Estimated value. If/when we set up a premium service, it will be only for new features.

  9. Is there a time frame for a price updates. I am aware of the issues the site has with Ebay, was just curious. Mine hasn’t moved in quite some time. Also wondering if 3 pack Batman pocket pops from Target will be priced soon. I think this site is awesome.

  10. Thanks for all the hard work y’all do for us. I love the site and the help it grants me and my fellow addicts in tracking what we have and want.

  11. This site is absolutely amazing. I’m a big fan of the interface. Keep up the fantastic work.

    One Small Suggestion: One of the Gilmore Girls Pop!s is misspelled. As of right now it’s spelled, “Loralei.” It’s officially spelled “Lorelai.”

    P.S. The collection tracker feature is brilliant.

  12. Honestly i love the site as a whole. Anything added to it would just make a good thing better. I either go to eBay, or here to price my pops. Usually here. Sure sometimes it doesn’t load immediately, but who CARES? some of y’all take this shit a bit too serious. This is a free site. Enjoy it.

  13. I am fairly new to the Funko collection community and I must say, I would not have even considered collecting without this site. The site is amazing! Keep up the great work! Much appreciated!

  14. I check the PPG once every evening and nothing has changed for two weeks now. eBay are certainly taking their time. Have you contacted them to get any updates? It’s getting a bit out of hand (in regards to the length of time).

  15. Why did item # 272519712091 get removed from the PPG sales history?It was there…then gone. Error?

      1. Thank You. I didn’t notice until you mentioned. One last thing please…item # 272539887142 (Same pop) ..but not signed. Wondering if you could please add this one. I don’t see a reason for this item # to be removed. Thank You for your response.

    1. eBay has said again that the issue should be fixed “Next Week”. One of these times it will be true.

  16. I also just wanted to chime in and give all of you that make this site possible a great big Thank You! I don’t think I’d had gotten into Funko as much if it wasn’t for the info,etc that I get from the site and some awesome fellow collectors.

  17. I really appreciate the service you guys provide! I don’t go a day without stopping by to see if anything is new. 🙂

    I’ve noticed the new chases that where released for the Funko Shopkins line hasn’t been updated. It seems you’ve only have two of them posted so far. Is there any possibility of these being added? 🙂

  18. PatientX, think it might help you all out and help get a fire lit under the ebay rears if alot of us members called or started calling ebay daily asking for the update/fix?
    As always, thanks for all you guys n gals hard work, dedication, and making my first 4+ years of collecting much better. Hopefully it will all go good as can go when it does go back up and tackling that 50k + wall of sales. If yall need any help with going through them, I would help out as much as possible and go through/document ( or however you all do it ) some of the 50k finalized auctions.

  19. Is this issue the reason Pebbles and Bamm Bamm have not been added to the price guide yet? I purchased and received last week and I’ve been wanting to add them to my collection, with no luck as of yet.

  20. Just wanted to take a minute to give a little praise. Love the site and what you guy have going on here. This place is great and the community for the most part is fun to be a part of. Thanks for the hard work guys!

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