Walmart Exclusive Star Wars Pops,DC/Marvel Dorbz Coming Soon

Funko is getting 2017 rolling with 4 new Walmart Exclusive offers available later this month. Star Wars fans definitely have something to look forward to with 2 Pop 3 Packs on the way. Pop! Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith 3-Pack includes the Wookie Tarfful,Unhooded Emperor with Force Lightning fingers and a Utapau Clone Trooper. Pop! Star Wars: Cantina 3-Pack (Original Kenner Action Figure Color Scheme) includes Greedo,Hammerhead and a brand new Walrus Man Pop all in the Vintage colors of the original toys a lot of us grew up with.



Dorbz collectors have two new exclusive items to track down with a Teen Titans Go! Pink Raven and a X-Men Beast with Blackbird Jet Ridez.



Which of these Exclusives are on your must own list?

16 thoughts on “Walmart Exclusive Star Wars Pops,DC/Marvel Dorbz Coming Soon

  1. I’d love to get the Star Wars 3-packs, but the Walmarts by me have flipper employees. So I should probably start saving to snag at least one of them from eBay.

  2. I have a vaulted original Hammerhead and while it’s cool to have something vaulted it does not look as good as the new one. Although I don’t like the prequels so I ain’t hanging out for the prequel set.

  3. I hope these end up for sale on Walmart’s website since my local Walmart almost never gets any Funko exclusives, and I really want Walrus Man.

  4. Being a Huge X-Men Collector (Outside the Mystery Minis) I Very Much would like to get the Beast Dorbz Ridez w/ Blackbird Jet. Does Anyone here have Any Idea when it’s scheduled for Release?

    Also, Much like these Exclusives, having mentioned my Fondness for X-Men Funko Collectibles, I have long been Anticipating the Target Exclusive – “Weapon X – #194” Pop. Yesterday, 01/11/17 I stopped by my Local Target to ask them if they had Any news as to when they’d be Receiving him, but they have No Idea. If Anyone here knows and would give me ANY Relevant Information (DCPI #, Anything they heard, Anything AT ALL), that would be Really, Really, Much Appreciated!

    1. There was a photo on Reddit that showed the Pink Raven Teen Titan and the Beast w/ Blackbird Jet in a store cart a few days ago. My guess is it was a West Coast Walmart so they should be showing up any time now in Walmarts across the country. It’s possible that they will show up on their website at some point as well. If I find a link or more details I’ll leave info in this comment stream.

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