Server Move Complete: Issues are still being addressed

The move to a new server completed late last week, but throughout the weekend we were still having issues with extremely slow load times, sometimes to the point of pages timing out. I believe the speed problem has been rectified for the most part, but there are still some tweaks we’re making to the server to get the best performance. There are also a handful of issues with functionality that I am addressing:

Forum Posting Timing Out: Posting in the forums still works, believe it or not, but with every post you will be taken to an “Internal Server Error” page.
Private Messages: Similar to the forum posts, sending Private Messages might take you to a blank page after submitting. The messages seem to be going through, but we need to fix what’s happening after the redirect.
Missing Franchise List: The listing of franchise categories on the Guide’s main page has disappeared. (FIXED 11:43am CST 1/30)

You also may have noticed few new sales listings have been added. This is an issue with us retrieving the data from eBay (not server related) and is also in the process of being identified.

5 thoughts on “Server Move Complete: Issues are still being addressed

  1. The “sort by” feature doesn’t seem to be working either, FYI! Thanks for the site though, its truly amazing.

  2. Just glad to see I can actually load the page on my iPhone now…. only issue now, is that the search bar sometimes won’t appear on the home screen. Maybe, 2/5 times it’ll be present.

  3. I’ve noticed zero change to my overall PPG total over the past week . . . is PPG still working on the server, etc? Curious, since the amount normally changes almost everyday based on the sales. Thanks for all you do!

  4. really need that “Sort by” function to work! or you should set sort by “item # Low to High” as default instead of alphabetically.

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