Seraph of the End Pops Coming Soon!

Hot Topic Exclusive
GameStop Exclusive

Seraph of the End Pops will be hitting stores in February! While I don’t personally know much about the Anime/Manga, I have to say these Pops look insanely awesome! Shinoa and Yuichiro will both have exclusive variants at GameStop and Hot Topic respectively. The line will also include Mikaela. Let us know if you will be grabbing any of this set!


3 thoughts on “Seraph of the End Pops Coming Soon!

  1. Love that exclusive Mikaela box…because you can’t spell “Mikaela Hyakuya” without “Lemy”! lol (OK, I know it’s “Lemmy”, but that’s beside the point.)

  2. This is one of My Favorite Anime as of Late (2015-2017), I’m Glad they came out with Pops for it. However, 1 thing I got to Say, with All Honesty: the “Regular” Shinoa is Trash because she’s without her Weapon!! I mean, they made Regular Yu & Michaela with weapons, because the Weapons are a HUGE Part of the show as well as Part of the Characters Personalities…but for the Regular Shinoa – No Daemon Scythe…RETARDED. Their Milking it, by Making the one w/ the Scythe a “Gamestop Exclusive”….. I wouldn’t know Anyone who’d Want to Buy the Regular 1…Honestly

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