New Daredevil Pops Coming Soon!

Funko have announced a new set of Marvel’s Daredevil Pops! The second wave from the hit Netflix show includes a new Daredevil Pop, Elektra and The Punisher! There will also be a Punisher chase variant which is not surprising given the characters popularity during the second season of the show. Check them out below!


5 thoughts on “New Daredevil Pops Coming Soon!

  1. Gamestop manager said the punisher with the helmet in his hand will not be made and all preorders were cancelled

    1. that would have been news and so far you’re the only one reporting it so…….I think its still a go.

      1. yeah…Can’t see why Funko would have full on publicity/product shots of that Punisher and then not even release him. Even on the off chance that they decided they would release this as a store/convention exclusive it still makes no sense that all pre orders would be cancelled. Chase figures have the exact same sku as the regular editions and that would void any and all orders for the regular Punisher. One can’t simply walk into a store and pre order a chase…gotta be lucky or have an inside man.

        Sounds fishy, and maybe said GameStop manager plans on keeping any chase figures for his own personal gain or collection.

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