Funko goes all out for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Nearly every branch of Funko’s current lines are represented in today’s announcement of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 collection. every piece is expected to arrive on shelves in February, so you have plenty of time to collect them all before the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hits theaters in May.

We’ll start with the POP!s. And the biggest suprise is the 10″ Super-Sized Groot, which will be a Target exclusive. no information right now on price, but i would guess it will retail at $20ish.

The rest of the line include 3 Star-lords [Regular, Masked (Chase), Action Pose (Toys R Us)], Gamora, Drax, 2 Rockets [Jet Pack (Regular) and Dual Pistols (GameStop)], 3 Groots [Regular, Jumpsuit (Walmart), Jumpsuit with Patch (Hot Topic)], Nebula, and 2 two characters Mantis and Taserface.



3 new Marvel keychains are coming too. Star Lord, Groot and Rocket will be making their return to guarding your keys.

Dorbz were not forgotten for this film either. The 2 new characters, Mantis and Taserface, will be added to the Dorbz lineup. Another Rocket and 2 more versions of  Groot will be made also.

Mantis and Gamora will be featured in the expansion of the Rock Candy line. The Marvel pint size hero line will expand to include all your favorite characters from Guardians. And the final addition for Volumes 2 is four Hero Plushies (Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and Jumpsuit Groot).


13 thoughts on “Funko goes all out for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  1. These are all amazing. I will definitely get at least 2 of the dorbz and 3 of the pint size heroes. My one question is why the in-air rocket is common yet the regular one is gamestop exclusive?

    1. This! i stared at the screen for a few seconds looking at the Gamestop “exclusive” to see if i was missing any details…

  2. I want Toys r us Star lord, 10 inch target groot, HotTopic groot, Walmart groot, walmart groot Dorbz. 10-inch is so lit omg

  3. Already preordered the regular Star-Lord and Gamora, but I hope to also pick up the Toys r Us exclusive Star Lord, Drax, Rocket, regular Groot, and maybe even Mantis.

  4. The Best thing here is that All of the ones I want Aren’t the Exclusives EXCEPT the 10″ Inch Groot. Out of the 3 Star-Lords (Being a Huge fan of the GOTG Animated Series) the Common Unmasked Star-Lord Quill is Definately my Favorite. The Masked Chase is Nice, but I’d rather have the Common. The Drax is a Common and I’m getting him, same with Gamara and the Rocket Racoon with Jet-Pack Blast. I’m Glad the Jet-Pack one wasn’t the Exclusive one. So Basically Imo, the Commons Look Better than the Chases and Exclusives, which will make them Much Easier to Find. The Only one that’ll be Hard to find is the 10″ Groot, but the Local Target know me, and I’m kool with one Manager there, so I don’t think that would be much of a Problem.

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