You’re an Eediot If You Don’t Buy These Ren & Stimpy Pops!

Happy happy, joy joy! Ren and Stimpy are being immortalized in Pop Vinyl form! Not only do we get regular versions of the titular characters, there will be 1/6 chase variants of each character painted as dalmatians from the episode Fire Dogs. You can preorder these and Entertainment Earth. Now bring on Mr. Horse, Sven, and the Nerve Ending Fairy!

10 thoughts on “You’re an Eediot If You Don’t Buy These Ren & Stimpy Pops!

  1. These are amazing!!!! Been waiting for these. Wish they made a poodle Ren from the pound episode the Chase but can’t wait for them to do Powdered Toast Man.

    1. Pre order 6 of each and ask the store to not open the shippers, that’s the guarantee for te chases.

      GameStop is a good option and when you go to pick up your 12 just cancel the remaining ones you don’t want or return them to another store to not look like a jerk .

  2. so torn – they are such a huge part of my childhood cartoon experience but i also always kind of love/hated them. uhg.

  3. These are on the top of my must own list at the moment. They are awesome looking! I hope they make Flocked versions eventually just because I’m a sucker for Flocked Pops and this Stimpy especially would make for an excellent Flocked version.

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