Introducing South Park – Humble Pops Without Temptation

It’s finally happening…the foul little Fourth Graders from South Park, CO, are being made into Pops! Oddly enough, this first wave does not include the four main characters in their standard attire, but that says to me that Funko has longevity in mind when it comes to this series. What the introductory wave does have, however, is fan favorite Butters, Cartman with glasses (which doesn’t cost around tree-fiddy, unfortunately), Mysterion, the little Canadian Ike Broflovski, and a Hot Topic exclusive Zombie Kenny. Really a great lineup to get us started. These are due in February/March and are currently up for preorder at Entertainment Earth.

6 thoughts on “Introducing South Park – Humble Pops Without Temptation

  1. The animation Pops sometimes don’t come off good – Simpsons, Family Guy and these. Butters having eyebrows on box but not Pop has my OCD in overdrive. The fact they’re in their own South Park set rather than lumped in TV gives me hope there’s more ie Chef, Barbrady, Jimbo etc.

  2. These suck. Like really bad. Kidrobot did such an immaculate job on all their South Park stuff and this Funko line just looks like poo. Also cool its going to be an extended series, but really, how are the first four not going to be Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny? I mean come on. They are the show. That Butters one is just horid. Wow.

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