Coming Soon: Big Hero 6 Dorbz, Disney MyMoji

San Fransokyo prodigy Hiro Hamada and his robot friend Baymax are joining the Dorbz family. Baymax also comes in his standard white – his limited chase variant includes the emoticon pain chart, coming in a 1/6 rarity. You can also find an armored version of Baymax, plus a Hot Topic exclusive Glow in the Dark Baymax.

Funko is also continuing their line of miniature severed heads called MyMojis with a selection of Disney characters – Elsa, Anna (I guess?), Mickey, Minnie, Sulley, Stitch, Bambi and Ariel.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Big Hero 6 Dorbz, Disney MyMoji

  1. Here we go… more dorbz…… again. This is disappointing to me. I know some prole collect dorbz but funko is most famous for Pop!s. It is just like the holiday thing. Mostly dorbz. Couldn’t they have like a regular baymax this time with like a chase and then some exclusives. Instead of pops, seems like Funko is all on dorbz now.

    1. Back in the day Wobblers were the big thing and then POPs took over. I’m not saying Dorbz are going to surpass POPs, but they are obviously selling well if Funko is continuing to make more. They are also cheaper to produce and Funko is a business after all so they want to make money.

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