5 thoughts on “12 Days of Funko – Day 9: Aaaaaand it’s gone

  1. So they did the others in pretty large limited quantities and then did this one in super limited quantities. I was excited when I just checked the site to see what it was today knowing my gf would love to have it….

  2. I wasn’t going to spend $80 on a gamble of a toyline anyway, but I do agree they made these too limited.

  3. Will the priceguide be updated on a value for this? Not sure what the threshold is for number of buy it now sales is, but with the very limited run there is bound to be a very small sample size. When looking at the guide it only is registering 2 sales but when I searched the completed sold listings it shows 10+ sales of $200 or more, some even breaching the $400 mark. Just curious as to the analytics of what counts as a sale towards the value and what does not.

    Newer member so apologies if this was already answered elsewhere.


    1. A lot of the Sales so far have been pre-orders and we don’t count those. We don’t include the sale unless the item is in-hand.

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