7 thoughts on “12 Days of Funko – Day 5: Green Gamma Glow Freddy Funko Pop

  1. Flocked Super Grover is non Holiday and that dropped before this one. This would be the second one. Nice way to get people to spend their money

  2. i’ll never understand why people are seemingly so critical of funko because their personal expectations are not being met. there are so many collectors out there! different likes and dislikes and hey let’s not forget… it’s supposed to be fun and they really are just toys! i def. scooped up grover and if i had enough money to drop on this guy i would – fingers crossed he’ll hang on a few days but i’m not too hopeful! 😛 if this freddy was dropped 3 months ago people would be going bananas!

  3. I grabbed up Grover and definitely got this guy since I missed out on the previous Super Hero one.

  4. you said first none holiday item…..super grover isn’t holiday related but i guess like wwe let’s forget about that

  5. How long do You guys think that this Freddy will remain in stock on Funko-Shop.com? I noticed that (Unless I’m mistaken) Every one from Day 1-Day 5 are still available.

    I really wish Funko-Shop had a “Pile of Loot” system, which BigBadToyStore.com uses. That way, we could pay for the Individual item, and let the items accumulate in our “Pile of Loot” and then only Pay 1 Shipping fee for the Batch of Items, when we decide to get the “Pile of Loot” sent to us.

    The way it is now, with Shipping being $7.25, for every 1 item we buy, that’s how much we pay shipping, so if we buy 2 items seperately, the shipping we pay is $15, for 6 seperate items it’s $60 shipping. From my experience, shipping out a POP! in the US, (I believe Funko-Shop only sends out in the US Domestically) It should cost them about $3.50 per order, $5 TOPS…the shipping is usually slow anyways, it’s not as if it’s Priority Mail or anything…

    I just hope and wish that some of these Pops stay in stock for at least another 5-7 Days, since I think the Cream of the Crop Items will be in the Last 10 Days before Christmas to Christmas…’

    What are your opinions about what I just said?

    1. I agree with what you’ve said. If you’re getting a bunch of items, Why pay individual shipping for each one?
      I do think that funko is holding out on the good stuff for later days. I’m hoping to get a santa batman pop. I only have 4 batmans so im not crazy on him. But with only so much money, ive got to hold out and buy only the best options.

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