5 thoughts on “New Funko-Shop Item – Bubble Gum Freddy Hikari

  1. Funko needs to ditch Hikari like they recently ditched the Re-Action Figures. Let’s face it the Re-Action figures were poorly made, they didn’t look good, it was smart from a business perspective to sever ties on those. Now, Hikari def. look better, and some look Kool as F**k but Not people I know actually buy them, they are too expensive to actively collect, and their values Depreciate extremely. They should just stop doing Hikari imo, and salvage the line with their new mini-Hikari, which are Really Nice.

  2. I’ve picked up a handful of Hikaris but only because I got them for under $5 each, on clearance. I think they look pretty cool but I would never pay a retail price for them, as they don’t even hold their original value.
    So I’ll eventually find all I am missing, but only if I find them for great clearance prices.

    1. EXACTLY. They have recently started making ‘mini-Hikari’ figures, and they look Really Nice and will be affordable. Hikari’s are Very Nicely Made, but are more of a Novelty item for statue collectors, than a typical item for people who are used to collecting POP!s. And the Depreciate like nothing else I’ve ever seen!

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