More Batman Pops? Why of course there are more Batman Pops!

And they’re Target exclusives! Reddit user andrewisgoofy has sent along a pic of four new Batmans appearing in Target stores. Keep your eyes peeled for Golden Midas Batman, Professor Radium Batman (Glow in the Dark), North Pole Camo Batman, and Negative Batman. These are all obscure costumes used in early Detective Comics issues, and will fit right in with your Rainbow Batman, Zebra Batman and Bullseye Batman (if you’re into that kind of thing).


13 thoughts on “More Batman Pops? Why of course there are more Batman Pops!

    1. The glow on it isn’t very good. I held a flashlight on one for 10 minutes & the head barely glowed.

  1. The shelf at my local Target has been cleaned out. Most likely by c*cksucking flippers.

  2. Going to Target today, need Radium, Golden Midas, and Negative. I recently bought the green Batman, and radium shows up, f’ing sucks, since I’d rather get green radium GITD than regularn green, especially with the lime green, my favorite color.

  3. Really want all these but that’ll be next to impossible to find here in Iowa… Target is the 2nd worst for exclusives here, just behind Walmart…

    1. I was just at 2 Targets the biggest ones near me, and there was not even a hint of.these Batmans. I don’t think they came in yet, and I’m under the impression they’ll offload them tomorrow, so the legions of black friday campers, will devour those Batmans, as soon as Target opens at 6pm for Black Friday tomorrow… the 4 Batmans don’t have values yet, but I have a feeling that these 4 will be among the few Pops that will keep their value and not depreciate like 90% of all pops eventually do… You forgot one other place, tied for 1st place with Wall-Mart… Walgreen. That Scarlet Spider will be a grail pop, likely harder to get than all of the other Walgreens Spider-man pops….unless they eventually re-release him as a Hot Topic edition, just like Venom and Carnage

  4. I work at Target so as soon as I see them I’m buying all four
    Hopefully, these things go so fast I can’t even catch them.

  5. I have checked a few local targets in northwest ohio. still nothing in their shipments. i am assuming target employees are the ones posting them on ebay. just like the Zurr en arrgh batman that sells for 150$+. these are 4 more i will never get.

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