9 thoughts on “MegaMan Dorbz and Twisted Metal POP! figure

  1. When are the Megaman and Rush Dorbz slated to come out?
    Also, are there any announcements as to the Rush or Megaman getting Exclusives, on websites like Geminicollectibles.com or Fugitive Toys.com?
    Reason I ask is Gemini recently ran Exclusives on the Scooby Doo both POP!s and Dorbz by making both Scoobies Flocked. I see where they can potentially make different colored Megamans (Based on Weapon) and Possibly a Flocked and/or Glow in the Dark Rush. Please let me know if You have any information.

  2. I haven’t seen evil morty since I saw the old list a few months back but Dufus Rick from rick and morty is an exclusive at Gamestop and is out right now

  3. I’ve never played Twisted Metal,.but that Sweet Tooth looks Epic. The detail in everything, face and body, and weapon, and the translucent fire-hair. They’ve really been stepping their game up as far as designs! That Rush Dorbz also looks amazing, the artwork and specific features look awesome. I collect Dorbz hounds (Scooby-Doo, Cosmo, etc. Dogs), so this Robotic Hound is a Must!

  4. Sweet Tooth, Sackboy, Kratos, Nathan Drake and Big Daddy could all be on some kind of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale display.

  5. i was hoping the box of the green megaman dorbz be something like “Mega Man (woodman)” , since green armor color is woodman’s ability.

    they done it with funko pop “mega man firestorm”, etc etc

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