Hey Bub…How about some new Logan Pops & Dorbz?

Funko is expanding on their recent X-Men announcement by adding seven new Logan/Wolverine items to their collections. Both the Dorbz and Pop lines will see a jacketed version of Logan, a tank-topped version of Logan, and Weapon X. The tank-top versions will only be available at Hot Topic, and the Weapon X Pop will be a Target exclusive. There will also be a Wolverine Pop Keychain. These are due in December.

7 thoughts on “Hey Bub…How about some new Logan Pops & Dorbz?

  1. Is there any word on when these are coming out, especially the Target Exclusive ‘Weapon X’?

    1. and Gambit… I hope he’s in the next x-men themed collector corps box…or a 6-inch Juggernaut

  2. Gambit and nightcrawler should have been in the first set. They are some of the original x men I’m so sick of everyone screwing that up. The movies can’t even get the stories right.

    1. If the apocalypse movie was to get the story right, they’d be fighting apocalypse for 100’s of hours lol. But I get what you mean, personally I’ve always liked x-men more than the other marvel franchises in the gamut, because the x-men aren’t quote unquote typical heroes rescuing people, but are trying to fight against discrimination of their race

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