DisplayGeek Vinyl Giveaway #2 Still Open for Entries!

Comments were Closed on the original publication but there is still time to enter if you didn’t get a chance when the Giveaway was first announced. Due to the 2 week comment limit on posts and  with several recent item announcements & news articles some of you might not have noticed the contest. We want to give everyone eligible a chance to enter before it’s too late.  If you haven’t already entered now is your chance.

We have teamed up with DisplayGeek.com creator/distributor of an easy to assemble stackable shelving unit designed specifically for Pops to bring you an amazing Giveaway! One lucky Winner will get their choice of Prize from the Funko Shop Exclusive Duck Dodgers Gamma Green, the Barnes & Noble Flocked Sesame Street Pops pictured or the Amazon Exclusive Gold Spongebob Squarepants. All you need to do for a chance to Win is Leave a Comment on this post telling us what your most meaningful collectible is and why?

This Giveaway is open to US Residents Only. Entries will be taken from now until Midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) on December 15th,2016 just in time for Christmas!

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72 thoughts on “DisplayGeek Vinyl Giveaway #2 Still Open for Entries!

  1. My most favorite funko pop is batman. It’s only considered a common, but it was my first one and gave as a gift before I knew what funko pops were, but my favorite collectable is the ateam 4 pack action figure set because I had them growing up and also watched the shows.

  2. My favorite Pop! would be my signed Stan Lee. It was such an honor to have him sign it and shake his hand. It was like shaking the hand of Zeus. Nerve racking and stuttering speech but I got it nerves be d***ed. 😀 It will always be proudly displayed on my shelf for all to see but not touch.

  3. My most meaningful collectible is my very first Funko Pop! My black and white Daryl Dixon. It is my most meaningful because it was my very first Pop! It was the start of my endless addiction and my great collection!

  4. My most meaningful collectible, out of my entire collection, would have to be the original “Red Skull” Funko Pop! I first purchased this guy when he was first released, so that should be able to give you an idea of how long I’ve been a Pop! collector. I strolled into a comic shop located in the sandhills region of North Carolina and spotted where the owner/only employee had a small display of Marvel & Avengers super-heroes. I went to have a gander, at what seemed to be new releases, but then immediately saw there were multiples of almost everything… except for one (1)… “Red Skull”. This was the beginning of my favorite thing to do all for myself, along with reading/grading comics. “Red Skull”, when looked at now, screams rookie design flaws compared to ones being released today. Funko has changed over the years, in more ways than one. But, no matter what comes out and what I fall in love with next… I will never, ever forget how much that first Funko Pop! tugged at my collector’s psyche, and my wallet. Something told me… THAT one would be valuable one day. Something about THAT one… made me fall in love with collecting in an entire new area of modern pop-culture.

  5. The collectible that means the most to me is the autographed Michonne I own. I initially bought the pop for my grandfather because he thought she was the baddest character of all time and I was going to meet the actress who played her. Danai was wonderful and thought my grandpa was a cool man. I waited 3 months to give it to him on Father’s Day and he loved it. Sadly, the next week he went into the hospital with complications of his diabetes and had to stay in the hospital for several months as his organs failed. Every time I visited him, I told him he was just like Rick and would come out fighting. He passed the day before the new season started and my grandma gave me back all the nerdy things I’ve ever gifted him. When she gave me that pop back, he had made a display case that had fake blood dripping down and zombies hand painted on the back. I keep it on the front of my collection and never will move from its place as my most valuable Pop.

  6. My favorite is my Black Parade Gerard Way. My Chemical Romance has made my life happier, despite how emo they are. I looked all around my town and only found the parade Gerard, which was awesome still.

  7. My favorite pop is my Donald trump it was my first one n it’s been goin up since I got it I just started collecting three months ago

  8. Probably my Squirrel Girl. I got her due to winning a bet about overcoming my fear of heights with the rest of the MCC Women of Power box. I guess now I just gotta get over my fear of snakes to get something else since my best friend is a ding dong that likes to dangle shiny things in front of me.

  9. My most meaningful collectable would have to be my Funko Pop Captain America from The Avengers line. Its my most meaningul because it was what got me started on collecting Funko Pops and its Captain America which is my favorite Superhero because of his past and what he stands for. Also he is a great superhero and Merica!

  10. My most meaningful collectible would be my Bloody Chucky, the reason being is it’s the very first gift I got from my 4year boyfriend now when we spent our first Christmas living together, he had fought through crowds of people to get it since it was so close to Christmas and he had been unable to get it until then, the very last one. :3

  11. The funko pop with the most sentimental value and most meaningful would be my kylo ren pop, it was given to me for my birthday by my daughter (11yr old). It’s the pop that started it all . She gave me this specific pop because she knew I love star wars and when she went to buy my gift the store had no darth vader merchandise so she got this for me and told me I hope you like it , it’s still the dark side. This pop to me is worth so much more than the actual “value” of it due to the story behind it . I have people ask me whats your favorite pop? And they always assume its the expensive ones. But when i point at my kylo ren they always say why? Its a common.. not to me its got more value than any other in my collection. after i got this pop it sat on my desk for a few months until I realized there was a whole other funko universe out there and had no idea what my daughter had started .

  12. I would say my doom pops just because they remind of me of when i was younger and my brother and i would play it. it reminds me of good times.

  13. My most meaningful collectible is not a funko item unfortunately. It’s a cast signed poster signed by 20 people from the first Avengers movie. They were numbered to 50 and were given to VIP guests at the movies premier. One of my most prized possessions.

  14. My most meaningful funko pop would have to be my Stan Lee pop that I got at San Diego Comic-Con. I had paid $75 for him (knowing that this might be the last time I even see this one) I take it. What was even better was getting it signed by the man himself (even though it costed about $100 for the signature) I still love till this day. 🙂

  15. My most meaningful collectible is actually all of my Batman pops. My 10 year old daughter and I go pop hunting together all the time and we love Batman. Of those, my favorite is the Harvest Batman pop. We never get any of the rare exclusives (other than Hot Topic or Gamestop exclusives) and I just happened to get the Harvest Batman.

  16. For my last birthday my entire family surprised me with the series one of the Harry Potter collection and it was amazing. Sometimes you think people don’t listen to what you’re interests are, but when I opened up all these pop vinyls, I was shocked and amazed. Definitely mean a lot to me.

  17. My Favorite Funko Pop is My Chase Gremlin because it Marks a special day in my life. I was at the Mall and this was a long time ago And This was My third pop but anyway me and my dad went to a chinese resturant to eat i then went to the FYE in my mall and it Was Just Laying there on the Dvd rack i asked My dad for cash cause At the time i Was 14 and broke. And he said well i guess. I knew nothing about pops at the time but i thank my Dad everytime I see him for My 85 dollar Grail i obtained for 10 Buckaroos.

  18. My favorite is doc Emmet brown loot crate exclusive, I’m a big fan of back to the future always have been as a kid, something having to do with sci-fi, time traveling thing. Anyways I’m pretty soon looking to get that pop signed by Christopher Lloyd and keep it forever. I also have a few other figures and the pink hover board. That is my favorite pop out of my collection.

  19. Most meaningful collectible… my plush Banjo-Kazooie. The video game was a big part of my childhood and after years of unknowing I stumbled across this being a thing! Was able to get him (along with Mumbo Jumbo) and they are probably the coolest things I own!

  20. My most meaningful collectible is my very first comic book which was Justice League of America. It started me on the path of loving reading and superheroes which led to loving sci-fi (LOVE STAR WARS!), fantasy and collectibles!

  21. my most meaningful collectible is my GITD Kurama Mode Kurama Pop. it was my most favorite epic moment from the anime when he gained that power and when i found out that Funko was making a Pop of him in that form, i just had to get it!

  22. Space ghost because i grew up watching both the show and talk show and loved them both, or the duck dodgers because who hasn’t seen looney tunes a billion times. I hope they expand past duck dodgers and make more looney tunes ones.

  23. My favorite collectibles are my old toys from my childhood. Mostly Spawn and Earthworm Jim. But my street sharks and old wrestlers are amazing also. I played with them about as much as I am on my phone now. So that’s a lot lol

    1. That’s awesome You still have collectibles I presume from the 80’s and 90’s! Algae, You need to realize that most people on here don’t have their original collectibles, which go back to point: Genesis, their actual childhoods. In 1 way or another, some through forced Hard Sales or garage sales, some from ‘coming of age’ and giving them away, don’t have the actual collectibles that started it all. I got respect for You, that You never got rid of Your true originals. (I think that for just about any collector here, they wouldn’t be Pop! collectors, had it not been for the Early toys and now collectibles, which we had as children, as ‘seeds’ toward being fans of most of these long-going franchises, which have been around even when our grandparents were children). I’ve already put out my most meaningful Pops, but ill think back to ‘way back in the day’s, in the 90’s, being year of 89, which toys my parents got me when I was ages 3-12 that meant a lot (and which I sadly ‘tear’ don’t have any more). Back when the Batman Animated series was ongoing, I believe Hasbro and Bandai, released many variants of Batman along with the different suits. I think I had maybe 9 or 10 of them, but I remember having Batman vs. Everyone else.action figure battles when I was still a kid. Back then I also had the 3 ‘Biker Mice from Mars’, with their Bikes, which I thought were totally Badass (I don’t think anyone remembers that show, but to me it was as awesome as Batman, Spider-Man, Original X-Men, Beetleborgs, Hercules, Xena, and the true originals, which to me are the Golden Standard for animated series. Those were awesome times, and You still have pieces from that age as mementos!

  24. My most valued pop would be Ludo from Labyrinth. When my daughter was 3 she awoke one night to find me watching this movie. I let her stay up and watch with me. Even now at 23, this remains her favorite character(s) and movie. And this was the 1st pop I purchased (which began my obsession) after she phoned and told me he was a Pop and available. Yeah

  25. It was at a baseball game that I received my most memorable collectable. I’m a huge Texas Rangers fan and we traveled to Toronto to watch them play. This was also my first away game out of the US and the first opportunity to get an autographed baseball. We had the best seats poised and ready along the edge of the field for any players passing by before the game. We finally got the attention of one of the pitchers Tanner Scheppers, which at the time wasn’t well known to many, as he came over and obliged our request. The baseball is now my holy grail of collectables.

  26. Without a doubt, my bloody Sharknado variant. The is my most prized because it was the very first variant I ever got. Also, to this day it is the most limited one I own. If I had to give away or sell my Pops and could only keep one, it would definitely be my bloody Sharknado

  27. My favorite Pop has to be my GITD White Power Ranger. It was one of the first Pops that I received and what really started my collecting. The character was one of my favorite heroes when I was young. (Having it signed by JDF was the icing on this little cake.)

  28. My most meaningful pop would be my Glenn TWD pop figure. It was the very first one that I got for my birthday my freshman year of high school. I’ve been attached to that pop for years and even more so now because of what has happened in the tv show.

  29. My most meaningful pop id my GenCon Ajani Goldmane. A good friend got him for me at the con & it started my addiction with funko pops. Id love to see some of the classic MtG characters made into pops, not just the Planeswalkers

  30. My most memorable collectible would have to be my Hank Aaron signed baseball. My dad and I got it when I was a young kid and I’ll never forget how awesome it felt!

  31. Today, I picked up a Golden BB-8 Collector’s Edition Pop!, and this little guy has rocketed his way into my heart as my favorite Pop Figure

  32. My most Meaningful Collectable would have to be my Star Wars Kylo Ren, Hot Wheels. I know that it doesn’t have much value or anything like that, however it is my most meaningful because while raising my kids I got them hooked on Star Wars, and before he moved to another state with his mother he bought me this Hot Wheels and asked me to make my collection grow so he can show his friends one day just how close we really are even with the distance. Because of him I have been collecting everything I can Star Wars related.

  33. My favorite collectibles have to be my Planet of the Symbiotes action figures. The one in particular is my neon green venom. I’m not sure if they made a ton of this color variant but it is always the collectible that sticks out in my head. Very proud 🙂 It is the most meaningful to me because of how my brothers and I used to spend Christmas together when we were young.

  34. My most meaningful collectible has got to be my Iron Man 12″ toy signed by over 20 popular comic book artists and writers, such as, jim Lee, Chris Claremont, j.g.Jones, matt fraction, john romita Sr and Jr, topped off with the man himself, Stan Lee. I got it in 2008 and it was originally my 4 year olds toy. I got 1 sig on it, then another and another… I had to buy him another toy just so I could keep this one. I “retired” it in 2012 when I got Stan’s autograph after standing in line for 12 hrs overnight. Sorry it’s not Funko, but it’s my prized possession.

    1. That is the sickest story on here. I’d be proud too if I had Your experience, and extremely grateful! You probably know but You are one Lucky Son of a Gun! That’s like a legit, 1 in a Billion encounter, for that much Sigs! I’m You deserve to win, with the amount of Good Luck You obviously have!

  35. My most meaningful collectible is probably my My Little Pony Chase Princess Luna! I found her at Hot Topic sitting on the top shelf.. I thought she looked different so I asked to see her and realized she was clear glitter! Obviously I bought her! She was $18.50 to purchase and now worth over $200!!

  36. my most meaningful pop is probably my Handsome jack signed by Dameon Clarke. It was an honer to meet one of my favorite VA’s, and i got to talk to him on stage!

  37. Mine would be my Kaylee from Firefly that I was lucky enough to have Jewel Staite sign for me. She was one of the nicest people and took the time to make sure the autograph was where I wanted.

  38. My most meaningful Pop that I own is Bernie Sanders. Him running for President this election has made me pay way more attention to politics then I was. I’m reading his book right now, Our Revolution, and its just an amazing read so far. I honestly think that he could have been one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had if he would have had the chance. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he runs again in 2020. I put my TN “I Voted” sticker on his box and it looks awesome on there. The sticker is in the shape of Tennessee and it fits perfect along the bottom of his window like it was made for the box lol.

  39. My Wonder Woman set for sure. She’s the hero everyone, but especially young girla, deserve and I love adding to that set! I’d love to get that SpongeBob for my dad…he’s a huge fan and even has his Facebook name as Patrick Starr and his last name lol It’d be cool to share my hobby and his…


  41. My most meaningful collectable would have to be my zoidberg head I had custom built. And I got it signaled the amazing voice actor Billy West

  42. The Funko Pops are my favorite colectibles to collect. My favorite one out of all my Pops is my Quidditch Harry Potter Pop. I love all the details that the Pop has, like the signature on the broom or Harry Potter’s scar. I would really like to get more pops for my collection. Thank you.

  43. My most favorite collectible has be my first, Wacky Wobbler Jim Morrison. My ex husband used collect Transformers and I didn’t collect anything really. I saw the Funko display in a mom and pop shop local to me and fell in love, lol. Our marriage didn’t make it but my Wacky Wobbler is still with me. Now I have much larger collection!

  44. I’d say my most prize pop! would have to be a tie between my undertaker Pop! from Black Butler and My Cortana Pop! from Halo. I really like both these Pops! due to the fact that one, I love Black Butler and the undertaker is one of my favorite characters and I just love how he looks in general and well for Cortana, I may not play Halo but I bought her years ago at closing block buster near me and I thought the way she was made was beautiful. All the little details and the stance she’s on, it was just a very beautiful looking figure so I bought her. Those are probably my two most Prized Pops!

  45. I have to say my favorite is Tyrael. I’ve been a fan of Diablo since the first one came out. And it was my first Pop! It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend who passed recently and means a lot to me.

  46. My favorite pop has to be the metallic super sayian blue Vegeta from the Black Friday box, I love DBZ and Vegeta’s pose just looks epic, and I have the normal and metallic one but I have to say the metallic one just looks 5 times better.

  47. My most Meaningful collectable would be The new Gold BB-8 because he is my most favorite character from the star wars saga and i enjoy looking at the variant.

  48. My most meaningful POP! is probably my Locust Drone because it lets me and my dad have a sort of connection i.e. I love pops and he loves Gears of War.

  49. I think my most favorite POP is the Harley Quinn and the game of thrones characters. My daughter (odd ad it sounds) loves Harley and I love Game of Thrones.

  50. My most meaningful pop has to be my black and white flash because it was my first ever flash pop and the flash is like a role model to me and also one of the coolest heros out there.

  51. My most meaningful pop is actually my first purchase of 4 pops; bobble head batman, bobble head Robin, bobble head Joker, and bobble head Green Lantern. This purchase was the start of my addiction to Funko Pop. Later on I found out about the PPG website, and to my surprise, I had some very valuable figures without knowing.

  52. My most meaningful collectible is my sdcc twisty the clown pop. It was the first pop I ever got, and it was a Christmas gift from my brother. It also got me into collecting pops now at 134 and counting. Most of all though it scares the heck outta my wife she hates clowns.

  53. Mine is Marvel Captain America 06 I got back in 2012. Its the VERY first pop and funko product I ever bought! It lead to the addiction I have now 🙂

  54. My most meaningful Pop! would be my NYCC 2016 Exclusive White Lantern Batman.
    Its not the best out of all the Exclusives, but when my brother surprised me with it from Comic Con, I was ecstatic. It has yet to be unboxed and I haven’t even touched it! It is placed neatly among my 15 or so other pops (Not much, but haven’t been collecting for very long) as a trophy. My Christmas goal is to get to 30 pops, which is kinda insane for me as my room is tiny without much display space, but we’ll try!

  55. My most meaningful Pop is the Pacman because it was the first arcade machine I have ever owned and the first Pop I’ve ever owner . I plan opening my own arcade one day and I’ll owe it all to that game and it’s wonderful hero. Oh, and I was born in 82 so it was already fate.

  56. My most meaningful collectible is my movie poster collection I have built over the years. My favorite pop would probably be the one of John Oliver. I am a fan of his so when saw the pop I had to have it. It’s a really basic looking pop but that too make it great.

  57. My most meaningful Funko Pop isn’t easy for me to pick out of my collection at first. Over the last few years since I started collecting these fantastic figures, I have added so many, that anyone one of them could vie for the top spot in my heart.

    If I’m truly honest with myself, the honor would go to my first pop ever: Kratos of God of War, the New York Comic Con Edition. I remember walking into Newbury Comics store in Boston, MA for the first time just to have a look around when I saw him sitting on a shelf as if he was King of the Vinyls.

    The level of detail and the color variant of Kratos is what drew me to him and ultimately started a lifelong obsession with collecting Funko pop vinyl. I still collect them to this day the same way, I look for the ones that are detailed and created to reflect the greatness of the character it is depicting regardless of their value. If I like them the have a place in my home.

    Because of that one Pop vinyl, the collection I started by myself has become a project for the whole family with my wife and kids getting involve in the ongoing search for the collectibles.

  58. Most meaningful pop for me is the Flocked Cookie Monster from NYCC.

    I grew up watching Sesame Street and Cookie Monster just resonated with me. The pop itself is not very rare nor valuable but its the sentimental value that gives me pleasure owning it. I have it on with a pop protector on a display case in my house. Even as an adult I just go crazy over cookie monster and my kids’ room will be filled with them as well

  59. Mine is Deep Space Suit Iron Man. It was giving to me by my girlfriend and started my collection.

  60. I choose my Freddy funko funklub, it’s the beginning of a collection my son and I will build!

  61. My most meaningful ones are between Sam from Trick r Treat and V for Vendetta. Both come from a couple of my favorite movies of all time and after a couple years of admiring from afar, I was finally able to get their figures. They were also a couple of the first ones that started my collection too.

  62. My most meaningful POP is my cheshire cat from Disney’s original Alice in wonderland. I wanted him so bad and me and my boyfriend searched for a month for him but didnt want to pay 100+ for him because we couldn’t afford that. So we went to heroescon in charlotte, NC the week before my birthday and we found him for 65.00 and my bf used all the money he brought with him that day to get him for me for my birthday. I was by far the happiest girl ever and it is still my most cherished POP

  63. I have to say that my most meaningful Pop! is Gir from Invader Zim. I was one of my all time favorite show that was released. I watched it over and over all 3 years in middle school and never once got bored with it. I was so happy the day I got the gir Pop and I still have it on display In front of my computer just so I can look at him all the time!

  64. My most meaningful collectable is a tie. The first is my chase batman. Chase batman was the first chase I had ever gotten, and even though I paid an arm and a leg for it, I love it. Batman is amazing and the metallic finish looks so good on him. My other is the custom pop I had made of myself. I finally got to see myself as a toy. I am currently having a custom batman beanie made for it to match the one I always wear.

  65. Since my collection is split with my boyfriend – as we started together – I have two pops that are most meaningful to me. First, would be my first born (aka the first pop I ever bought) my little Ewok. He’s worth less than what I bought him for and nothing special about him except that he’s the reason I started collecting pops. We have pops worth over $100 and not a lot of room to display, but I make sure he sits where everyone can see him.

    The second would be the Gold Power Ranger we just got on Black Friday. It’s meaningful not because it’s worth a lot, but because it was the only one we wanted from the box. We bought our first box, expecting it to be a Megaman, and opened it. Thinking it was the metallic yellow ranger, we were excited. Then shock set in as we took the wrapping off and saw it was the gold! We were in shock and excitement all day. We still can’t believe we got it! It was a special moment we shared,.

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