Upcoming Hot Topic Exclusives

Here’s a look at the exclusive Funko items you should be able to find at Hot Topic during October!

A new Gudetama variant.


Steampunk Batman


Shadow Freddy


Dancing Ariel (Glitter)


Bloody Cassidy from Preacher


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in their ‘H’ and ‘R’ sweaters.


Stan Lee Comic Con (Comikaze) shared exclusives – Glow in the Dark She-Hulk and Chrome Colossus.


You will also be able to find exclusive Mystery Minis from the new Fallout 4 and My Little Pony sets.



Will you be looking to pick up any of these exclusive items?



18 thoughts on “Upcoming Hot Topic Exclusives

  1. That Chrome Colossus looks so awesome. Finally some news on Cassidy… I even got my PX Tulip before him…

  2. This site lately has been way behind of getting news for exclusives, I knew about these almost 2 weeks ago. I’m not bashing I’m just saying that I used to get all my news from here but it has changed.

    1. Hey I’m curious, what is your #1 source for news? I’m sort of new to the “world of Funko POPs” and would very much like to find a comprehensive, Up to date POP news source. I’d appreciate it

    2. If you’re on instagram PPG posts the new pops as soon as OriginalFunko (Funko’s instagram) posts them.

  3. Off topicish question, hot topic is here so it works lol, is there a “chase” pinhead mystery pop? I’ve seen some pics with gitd stickers as well as the limited edition sticker. Just curious.

    1. I got pinhead and he just has a sticker that says HT exclusive then underneath says glow in the dark. My assumption is that all of the horror mystery pinheads glow in the dark but now 100%

  4. I get everything from pop hunters Facebook group they have been 2-4 weeks before this website with information

  5. A lot of sites got in trouble for posting images of Funko products before they were officially released. Funko made the rounds and requested that they remove the images.
    PPG has cooperated with this and only posts images when they are “officially” announced by Funko or the company hosting the exclusive.
    We all find leaks from employees, pre-order lists, or other sites. PPG is just waiting until it is “official” before posting.

    1. So I guess the logical question here is: is there a “wikileaks” equivalent of a Funko POP.”whistleblower” website? I mean You said that Funko went down on websites for posting “leaked” info on Funko POPs right, so is there any site or sites out there that don’t cooperate with Funko and Post Early leaked information? (Besides pre-order lists and Funko employees) – those sites You mentioned?

      1. Here’s a short list to get you started. With Facebook & Reddit it is an individual posting information and not a company, so a little harder to regulate.
        * Facebook has Funko POP Hunters – they are currently showing a list of Valiant comic character POPs. https://www.facebook.com/funkopophunters/
        * A few sites toss up pre-orders early, GameStop especially. GS has a book on the counter of upcoming releases you can look through. It’s not a listing on their site so no one really regulates it.
        * Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/funkopop/

  6. Oh yeah, definitely picking up Chrome Colossus and Steampunk Batman. I don’t usually buy Batman POPs, but Steampunk Batman and the NYCC White Lantern Batman are now definitely in my ISO.

    1. I had just ordered the “armored Batman” from bigbadtoystore.com the one from ” Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”. I like the Steampunk Bats, really steaming anything, but I’ve just dropped money on 3 HT NYCC exclusives and 2 GS exclusives, and preordered the Scooby-Doo and Shaggy ones, so if I get one more in such a short time, ill really be losing control of my spending. Lol, it’s thing Pop fever…I’m sure everyone here knows exactly how that feels

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