15 thoughts on “POTC Cursed Barbosa & Jack back up at Amazon

  1. Ordered! I was about to pay $35 on eBay, and then I saw of this on Reddit /r/funkopop – super stoked I was able to snag this for retail!

  2. I just purchased 10 of these! Seeing how much they go for online it should be an easy flip! 🙂 Looking forward to it.

    1. Not really @Topher5248……….
      Unless the boxes have the “SDCC” stickers on them not the Summer Convention stickers it’s gonna be a little harder to sell at the same price?

  3. Thanks Topher, I really appreciate you ordering 10, good luck with your extra $100 you might make.
    They are sold out on Amazon. Only have the $30 ones left.
    Exactly why I don’t enjoy collecting as I once did. Been a toy collector my entire 39 years and Pop collector for nearly four years, but gets really old dealing with alot of the nonsense that goes along with the thousands of collectors going bonkers, buying out any and every excl they can find, only to try and make enough profit to buy a happy meal.

    1. and I wasnt even wanting one for myself. My son, who is 9, seen this excl, and it wss the only one he wanted being he loves the movies, and wanted one to add to his little collection.

      1. Cmon man! Your kid aint worth the extra 15 bux?!?
        I get it tho, buying 10 pops and making a marginal profit is kinda bs when there are people who just want one. But the guilt trip is BS over 15 dollars.

  4. I was a couple days late on this and saw the $30 ones, then I see Topher’s comment and have to just laugh. If you’re gonna be the kind of asshole the rest of us hate, maybe don’t advertise it next time.

  5. My box got damaged all over because of poor packaging. I hope this happens to @Topher5248 and hes stuck with 10 depriciated Pops.

  6. I ordered the first time and the box came trashed…nothing in a box that was way to big for 1 pop. So I returned and reordered this time and the same thing happened. I guess amazon no longer cares about using bubble wrap or leaving in the cardboard sleeves to help protect them come to collectors.

  7. Nope, they all turned out perfectly fine! 🙂 Thanks everybody for the support lol.

    That’s how I afford pricier Pops. Just saying

  8. mine came trashed. The box they used was to small so they just smashed the two pops in to make it fit.

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