Ladies of Marvel enter the Rock Candy Vinyl line

As many fans had hoped since the line’s inauguration, Funko’s Rock Candy line of 5″ vinyl figures will now include characters from the Marvel universe! The first series has been announced, and it includes favorites Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk, and Thor. There will also be a glow-in-the-dark variant of She-Hulk available at Walmart and a masked version of Spider-Gwen available at Hot Topic. You can preorder these at Entertainment Earth with a December delivery date, and of course you can add them to your want list here on PPG.







4 thoughts on “Ladies of Marvel enter the Rock Candy Vinyl line

  1. Wished they’d have made the She-Hulk variant in her blue & white FF costume instead of GITD. :/

  2. Definitely picking up a few of these. I just wish they hadn’t given Wal-Mart another exclusive I’ll never see in stores

  3. Hope I am able to get the GITD She-Hulk. I am sure that is so cool to see. Hunting again lol

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