Do you need more Batmans in your life?

If you thought that your collection of Batman figures from Funko was missing something, then you are in luck. 3 new Batman POP! figures will be coming very soon. POP! Heroes #141, #142 and #144 will all be new versions of the caped crusader. Super Friends Batman and Earth 1 Batman will be available in late October or Early November. Regular Batman (#144) has an estimated release date of December.


22 thoughts on “Do you need more Batmans in your life?

    1. Um, the GameStop exclusive from the Mystery Box IS the Michael Keaton Batman. It’s called “Batman (1989)” on here when you search for it, a clear reference to the 1989 Batman movie.

  1. Ok…I just looked up Earth One Batman…why does his pop have eyebrows on his mask? Does any one else find that weird?

    1. In Earth 1 Batman doesnt have lenses over his eyes on the mask, its more similar to movie Batman. So I guess the eyebrows are a nod to that.

  2. Ugh wish they would stop with all the damn Batman’s but I guess he’s an overrated character so its no wonder he actually sells.

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