Coming Soon: Ash vs Evil Dead, Cowboy Bebop Pops

Funko has announced lineups for two new series of Pop Vinyls. In the Pop Television line, Ash Vs. Evil Dead makes its debut with Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Ruby. These are due in November and are up for preorder at Entertainment Earth. Another debut will find its way to the Pop Animation line in the form of Cowboy Bebop. Look out this December for Spike, Jet, Faye and Ed. These are also up at Entertainment Earth.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Ash vs Evil Dead, Cowboy Bebop Pops

  1. There are a bunch of other new pops coming out, star wars rogue one, evil morty from rick and morty, street fighter Belrog, Blanka, Cammy, Chun Li, Dan, Ken, Ryu, Star Wars Quo Gon Gin I’ve had a list printed out from GameStop for most of the recent pops since last month but didn’t know how to post and don’t know how to contact certain members on the forums

    1. They’ve shown Stree Fighter and Rogue One on here; and unless there’s going to be another version of Qui-Gon, I think the NYCC one will be it. As for Evil Morty, they’ll probably show him once the glam is revealed.

      1. Morty is supposedly a Gamestop exclusive according to the list, if you go to any gamestop and ask for an updated list of the upcoming pops I’m sure they’d be happy to give anyone one of it, they had bugs life and cowboy bebop on there a full month before their reveal, so they’re definitely worth getting just to anticipate some of the upcoming pops

  2. I would like to get he Ash vs Evil dead ones for sure. They look very nice & I love the movies & show is quite good

  3. I am a HUGE Ash Williams/Evil Dead/Ash Vs Evil Dead fan so this set is absolutely necessary! Hail to the King baby! I lived in Morristown,TN for a while in the late 90’s which is where the external Cabin scenes were shot in the original film but by then I could never find it. I followed leads and went searching through the woods multiple times hoping to locate it. I love the horror comedy genre so Ash is the shiznit! 🙂

  4. Ash looks great, still waiting on Grimm though. It’s been announced it’s the last season, after that chances of making them will go down I guess.

    Although just thought…. Twin Peaks is coming, now that would be an awesome set!

  5. With the Cowboy Bebop set coming out, there’s a glaring omission! You can’t have a complete set without Ein!

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