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Hi I’m Rob, and I’m a Funko Pop Addict! Lol. Nah but seriously, I love Funko Pops and I have been collecting since May 2015. The Baby Groot pop from Guardians Of The Galaxy series did me in. He was my first pop. He was so cute and cool, I had to have it! And from there I went on and started collecting all my favorite characters…and now we are to were I am now having almost 400 Funko pops ?? lol. I don’t even know how, cause I have no more room for them! Lol. But I do love collecting and taking pics of my pops as well as making little comic strips with them. You can see my pics and comics using pops on my Instagram page @rob_182 ? Like I said I have close to 400 pops, about 30 of them are custom pops. Some I have ordered from some amazing customizers and some I have made myself. I make and sell custom pops and take orders through my Instagram account and Facebook account. Some of the customs I have made are: Red Skull, Nurse Joker (Dark Knight movie), 2 different straitjacket jokers (Arkham joker and Suicide Squad Joker), Mr Sinister (X-Men), Johnny Cash, 2 wolverines (customs with added muscle definition). I started making customs to get pops I wanted that I either couldn’t afford or weren’t made lol. And now I sell them for extra pop money lol. So that pretty much sums me up. Thanks for reading.


1. How long have you been collecting Funko products?

I started collecting Funko Pops in May 2015 and I only collect Funko Pops. I do have 1 Funko Pop Shirt and a couple Funko Pop Keychains, but pretty much just Funko Pops.

2. What was your first Funko item?

My first item was Baby Groot Funko Pop. Absolutely loved the movie and loved Groot as a dancing baby version of himself. Had to have it when I saw it and that started my obsession lol.

3. How many Funko collectibles do you own?

I’d have to get back to you on this one as I don’t have a current count, best guess is 375 Funko pops.

4. Do you have a favorite line Or a line you would like to see?

My favorite line to collect is Marvel, most of my collection consists of Marvel Pops. I do have a pretty good size of DC pops tho. But I would love more marvel pops. More X-men, excited for the new ones that will be released soon. 🙂

5. What are your favorite Top 5 “must own” items in your collection?

Ah man, top 5?? That’s hard. I have sooo many pops that are must have to me. But if I had to pick 5…Logan 28 (my all time favorite character), Deadpool (Custom made by Laz Ramirez), Batman 71 (my favorite batman variant), Lion-O 102 (loved thundercats as a kid and always loved this character and his pop looks amazing), bane 20 (love the character and the pop, he was my first “Grail” lol).

6. What is your best deal/favorite find story?

Best deal would have to be finding 3 Zur En Arrh batmans at target for $9 each. Had no idea that pop would jump up in value like it did. I would never have owned him if I hadn’t found him at target cause I would never pay what he is valued at for him lol. And no, I didn’t buy all 3 and flip the 2 for profit. I just bought the one for myself lol.

7. What line are you most excited about that is yet to be released?

Well as I was saying earlier, I’m very excited for the new X-Men line that’s to be released soon. But also very excited for the Batman the Animated series pops that are coming out soon.

8. Do you complete sets with every variant or are you happy to just own certain Pops in a Line?

Some sets I complete (Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy) but for the most part I get the pops I like and don’t worry about completing the whole set. I won’t have a pop I don’t like just to complete a set lol.

9. Favorite Social Networking group for News,Buying,Trading or Selling?

Well I’m part of like 12 Funko Pop groups on Facebook and follow lots of Funko Pop pages on Instagram. Favorite groups tho? I’d go with: WTFunko Cali (Facebook group and I’m an admin in that group), Funko Pop Allstars Buy Sell Trade Customs (Facebook group, I’m also an admin in this group), Top Funko Photos (page on Instagram, the host nightly hashtagged themed sessions for Funko pop photos).

10. Do you collect any other types of collectibles?

Not really, not a lot of time or money or space for other collectibles lol, pops take over my life lol.

11.If you could design a Line OR add Variants to an existing Line what would you create?

Well I am a custom pop creator and I have created some pops that either don’t exist or variants for characters that do have pops but I feel like need more variants or even pops that have been retired or super expensive. For example, I’ve made: Red Skull (MCU variant), Johnny Cash (one of my favorite musical artists that hasn’t gotten a pop), 2 different Jokers in Straitjackets, a Nurse Joker (The Dark Knight movie), detailed wolverine pops (added more detail to them to make them look better).

12. You win a contest for one single random Pop. What is the one Pop you would dread to see when you opened the box and why?

There are sooo many that can go here lol, but I’ll go with Momo only because I did actually just win this pop in a recent blind box buy and I have no idea who she is and it’s just basically a pop that I just have now that I have no want or need for lol.

13. Any advice for new collectors OR Something you wish you knew when you started collecting? Words of wisdom?

Don’t get into this hobby to make money…unless you are going to become a customizer. But don’t buy pops with the only reason being to sell it to make money. Buy pops you like cause you want them, not cause you think they’ll be worth a lot later. Don’t worry about what’s trendy and cool, just buy what you like.







































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  1. Nice Collection… The Johnny Cash Pop Is AWSOME. I would love too see a Johnny Cash Pop Line. Folsom Prison, Ring Of Fire and The Man In Black would be a good start.

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    Love your collection! Also loved learning more about you 🙂 Keep up the great pics! 😀

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