Wanted: Mystery Mini Guru to join the PPG Team!

Do you love Funko’s Mystery Minis? Are you knowledgeable of the line across the various series? Would you like to spend a couple of hours a week slaving for PPG to help us with this area? If so, we could use you! We’re looking for one individual to help us with maintaining the Mystery Vinyl section of the Guide. The responsibilities would include adding new items to the Guide, posting front page news about Mystery vinyl lines, and assigning the daily listings that fuel the Estimated Value in the guide. Really easy stuff. It would be a volunteer position, but you’d be working an amazing staff and be part of one of the largest Funko sites on the planet!

If you are interested, please shoot me a private message with some background information. Here’s a bit of what I’m looking for:

– What other websites have you worked with/for (past and currently)?
– Are you involved in any Facebook Funko groups?
– How long have you been collecting Funko items?
– Which Mystery lines/series do you collect?
– Can you provide a couple of references in the Funko community? Trade partners, fellow group members, etc.

Of course, feel free to provide any additional information that might be helpful!