They’re zany to the max! Animaniacs Pops coming soon!

Animaniacs Pops are on the way and they might possibly have baloney in their slacks. The hit 90’s show is finally being Pop-afied with The Warner Brothers and Warner Sister Wakko, Yakko & Dot due to hit shelves and cause mayhem in November.

wbdot wbwacko wbyakko

And let’s not forget about the Mice who want to try and take over the world Pinky & The Brain.

wbpinky wbthebrain

Narf. Are you as excited about this set of Pops as I am?

17 thoughts on “They’re zany to the max! Animaniacs Pops coming soon!

    1. Looney Tunes would be great! I picked up Marvin and K-9 even though they’re Duck Dodgers, but close enough for now.

    1. It is

      I’ve actually watched a few episodes not long ago and it holds up amazingly well

      That was a show way before it’s time

  1. They have been up for pre-order order at gamestop since August… supposedly gamestop has a release date of September 30 I already present ordered mine ?

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