The Nightmare Before Christmas Series 2 Mopeez & Pop! Plush

The King of Halloween Town Jack Skellington himself and a few friends will make up the Series 2 Mopeez set to be released this month. Santa Jack,Barrel,Dr. Finkelstein,Behemoth and PJ Jack have all been plushed. I’d personally love to see several of the unforgettable side characters sculpted in to Pops but it’s cool to see they’ve attempted to branch out with some of those characters with the Mopeez line.

Adding to the new Pop! Plush line of standard size and Mega Pop! Plush collectibles The Nightmare Before Christmas couple Jack and Sally along with his faithful canine Zero will be available in October.  NBCSeries2MopeezGroupDisplay                                                                             SantaJackSeries2Mopeez                                                                               BarrelSeries2Mopeez                                                                                    DrFinkelsteinSeries2Mopeez                                                                               BehemothSeries2Mopeez                                                                               PJJackSeries2Mopeez

popplush                                                                                  NBC-Jack-Mega-Plush                                                                           POPPlush_jack_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024                                                                       NBC-Sally-Mega-Plush                                                                           NBCPOPPlush_Sally_GLAM_HiRes_1024x1024                                                                           ZeroPopPlush