Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Pop! Found!

It seems a ‌few people have stumbled upon a new Target exclusive Winter Soldier Pop! from Captain America: Civil War! If you haven’t seen the movie yet (what are you waiting for?) then this may be a minor spoiler. In the final act of the film, Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) has his metal arm ripped off by Iron Man. Check out the arm-less Pop! below!


Image credit unknown.


16 thoughts on “Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Pop! Found!

  1. Is it just me or is that the laziest exclusive pop design ever? Bucky isn’t grimacing or in an action pose, he’s not holding his severed arm in his other hand, they didn’t even throw in the severed arm the way they did with the Star Wars wampa exclusive. It’s like they grabbed the basic winter soldier pop, took some snips, clipped off the arm, and then threw him back in the box with a new sticker on the front.

      1. What’s your problem? I just commented on a fairly boring character design. I didn’t even say I wouldn’t be picking it up, I just thought it was less than exciting. I thought the whole point of these message boards were for people who share a common hobby to discuss things.

        1. No it totally is and you’re absolutely right about the laziness too. There’s nothing unique about this one really and if it’s anything like Crossbones Target Exclusive, there will be more than enough to go around for all the internet trolls out there. Even the one that responded to your first post! Haha

  2. I agree, but it seems typical to what Funko has been doing lately. Too many products, product lines, sub boxes, etc, they are going to go the way of the beanie baby within a few years.

    1. I sure hope not, but at this point there are so many pops out there that I could never collect all of the ones I want anyway.

    2. That’s a fear of mine. I wish they’d drop everything except for Pops; surely it’s their most lucrative product. I’d like to see them release Pops a little more frequently anyway, which they could do if they spent less time making salt shakers and decorative lights.

  3. Looking for the Target upc code for this one if anyone comes across it, please do share 😉

    1. 580-20-500 it’s the same as all the civil war pops. Our target said theg had 8,si we went as nd they were different civil war pops.

    2. 058-02-0500
      best way to track it is see how many it shows online then go and check to see which ones and count them. then everyday check to see if there are different numbers

  4. I agree with the lazyness part. I decided I am going to get only the POPs that have lots of details. Can’t wait for my pre-orderd Labyrith POPs to be delivered!!!

  5. I was able to snag 2 it looks like each store is receiving about 12 of them from what I pulled up on their systems

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