18 thoughts on “Super Saiyan Vegeta Animetasia Exclusive

      1. Hi, I noticed you wrote you were able to get one. I collect Funko POPs Dragonball All Figures, do you have any Idea where I could pre-order this or find this? Your reply would be much appreciated!!

  1. We have a store called JJB Funko Stop and we also had this on Pre-Order, depending if we have more demand that we might place more on pre-order.

  2. Hi, how are you doing fellow collectors? I collect the Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z Funko POP!s and this one looks Amazing. I was wondering if anyone can Help me out by pointing me in the right direction, of where to go to Pre-Order this (The Link isn’t working for me). Your Help would be Highly Appreciated!!

  3. So I’m assuming this is a different Vegeta from the new Vegeta that’s coming out via GameStop where you can preorder now for $5??? Plz some1 help me out as I’m too a DBZ collector and especially Vegeta(don’t own a PA Vegeta…sigh) let me know if this is the same Vegeta or if ther are 2 new Vegetas coming out? Plus obv they have to make Vegeta god mode!!

    1. On the back of the box of this Vegeta is concept art for “Badman Vegeta” so it’s possible that is the one on the GameStop Pre-order list

      1. I doubt it. The one at GS is supposed to be from resurrection f series. Badman vegeta would not have come from that. So im thinking the GS one will be SSGSS vegeta, and badman vegeta has no other info.

  4. It’s an AAA Anime exclusive and they sell to retailers only. Currently it has a release date for end of October so it’s not “sold out” just not released. still available on BigBadToyStore.com and Archonia.us and several other places.

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