Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box Mini-Review

What better time for my Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Subscription Box to arrive than while playing the new Death Star DLC on Star Wars: Battlefront! Overall, I think this box turned out pretty nicely, though I have a couple of gripes. The contents of the box are as follows:

Stormtrooper Pin
Darth Vader Patch
Death Star Luggage Tag
Darth Vader/Obi-Wan Kenobi Duel T-Shirt
Darth Vader Pop Vinyl
Grand Moff Tarkin Pop Vinyl

The pin, the patch…all good, nothing crazy here. While I don’t do much travelling, I will say I like the Death Star luggage tag, just because it’s something new for these boxes and might get some use by others. And it makes more sense than, say, a Batman luggage tag, or Stormtrooper luggage tag.

There’s actually quite a bit to say about the t-shirt. I don’t mind the plain gray, since we usually get black or other dark colors. You can see by looking at the images that the final version differs from that one on the promo card included with the box. The small Death Star emblem has been replaced with a white Death Star backdrop (a plus in my opinion), and Sith Vs. Jedi along with the character names have been replaced with “Vader Versus Kenobi”. I think I would have preferred the latter, but that’s just personal preference. Now, maybe someone can help me with this, because a close-up image and a scanner haven’t, but take a look at Obi-Wan’s name on the stock image. Does that not say “Obi-One”? Given Funko’s propensity for ridiculous errors and poor quality control, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least. If anyone can verify with a clearer pic, I’d be grateful!

Finally, we come to the items everyone looks forward to, the Pop Vinyls. Grand Moff Tarkin, the head of the Death Star and a character that was neglected to be made into action figure form until the 1997 Power of the Force line, finally makes his debut in Pop form. This is no big surprise to anyone, as it’s been teased in Funko’s advertisements for this box for some time. Tarkin is a big hit with me, as he has Peter Cushing’s signature jawline sculpted right in as well as the authoritative pose with his hands behind his back. The second figure (which I guessed correctly weeks ago!) is Darth Vader in an action pose. Now, I would have called this a “Force Choke” version, but look at the box….he’s called “Darth Vader (Bespin)”. Wait…Bespin? Isn’t this the Death Star box? And also, aren’t we getting another action/force choke Vader for Rogue One in a mere two weeks? While I love Vader as a character (who doesn’t?), this is a big fail by Funko. I mean, big. Bespin? Seriously?



Despite my complaints about Vader, this is actually a pretty solid box. Personally, I don’t want to see a ton of stray from the norm in these boxes. Give me a couple of vinyl figures (Pops, Wobblers, Rock Candy, etc), a shirt, and a few other generally worthless goodies, and I’m content as a cucumber.



15 thoughts on “Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Death Star Box Mini-Review

  1. I guess everyone has their opinions about these boxes. I love this box. Vader is probably the best pop they’ve given us in these boxes so far. I could care less that it says Bespin. That’s like the people who complains about R2 not being ‘in’ Jabbas palace. This box continues to be the best subscription box out there.

  2. I like the box also and this Darth Vader is FANTASTIC! The shirt does say OBI-ONE, good thing they changed it but I like the Sith vs Jedi better also. This Vader head sculpt is different than the two Rogue One POPS that have been announced. This one has slightly smaller, more narrow helmet sculpt and also has same colors eyes as helmet. Rogue One has a larger helmet and different color eyes it also has a light saber and the others don’t. They are both awesome and I will buy all of them but I would say the Rogue One mold is superior even though I love the pose for this one.

    1. Also this Vader has his ligghtsaber out and is facing to the side in more of a ‘force push’ pose with his cape flowing. The Rogue One is him standing straight on with no saber and a ‘force choke’ hand out. To me they’re different enough to be unique.

  3. I personally could have gone without another Vader. This makes 6 different variants including R1. Would have been cool if they did the creature from the trash compactor or a gunner.

  4. Again no variants…they started these things out with having variant shirts and chase pops and got people to order multiple subscriptions now they don’t have a variant or Chase pop. I’m canceling 2 out of my 3 subscriptions and just sticking with one because what is the point? Overall very lack luster pops. I like tarkin and all but it just feels quick and easy. And bespin Vader?????? WTF man rip off I thought I was getting death Star stuff what a joke funko have you even seen a star wars movie??? Shirt is nice but again no variations so I’m disappointed. 2 out of 10 on this one not a good score.

      1. He’s just mad he can’t flip them on Ebay for lots of $$$ LOL. They are still exclusives and can be sold for 30-40 each which covers the price of the box alone.

  5. This box ROCKS! I like everything in it except for Grand Moff Tarkin, and that’s just because I never knew him that well (I’ve only seen Episodes 4, 5, and 6 once each). When the box was first announced, I already knew that some kind of Tarkin would be in it, AND I thought it would be the only one in the box. That is LITERALLY the only reason why I didn’t order this box, but now that I’ve seen it, I actually kind of want it. I wish I had (or knew someone who had) an account so that I could just order it from the “Past Box” section. I’m probably going to order the new Rogue One box, so that will give me a chance to get it.

  6. Well the Vader looks like how he was when he told luke, he was his father, with the hand out and stuff. hoesntly this is the best box they done so far. Though the next box i wont get, the pops i dont like so i will be skipping the rouge one box.

  7. I’m pretty sure that the action pose they went with was at the end of the empire strikes back when he tells Luke he is his fsther

    1. Yeah that’s what they said in the unboxing video. The pose is supposed to be as if he was telling Luke, “Join me”.

  8. This is the pose when he tells Luke he is his father. This might be my favorite Vader Pop to date (the force choke might be better, I will just have to wait and see. Not a fail at all good sir!

  9. First my favorite character from Star Wars is Darth Vader. That being said this pop was horrible, his head is way to small and I feel his light saber is small as well. I do like his “chrome” black color instead of it being black matte color. The winner for sure from this box is Grand Moff Tarken he looks amazing. I agree this Vader was stupid seeing how we are getting him in the same pose almost from GameStop later this month. All in all good box this month 7 out of 10 for me.

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