Poll: Star Wars Overload! What’s on your radar?

Holy wow there’s a lot of new Star Wars stuff coming out! In case you missed it, Funko revealed 17 new Pops and three Wobblers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Being a Star Wars fanatic, this makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl, but where do you stand? Will you be getting everything, including the wide array of exclusives? Maybe just a few characters here and there? Or are you one of those weirdos who doesn’t like Star Wars? (I kid, I kid.) Tell us in the new poll!

Which of the Star Wars: Rogue One Pops will you be picking up?

  • Some characters here and there, but not all of them (38%, 3,067 Votes)
  • Not a single one (34%, 2,813 Votes)
  • Give me all of them! (22%, 1,811 Votes)
  • All unique character Pops, but no variants (6%, 469 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,160

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23 thoughts on “Poll: Star Wars Overload! What’s on your radar?

  1. I plan on getting only the exclusives minus the Walgreens. Don’t feel the need for the rest of them.

  2. I want the Game Stop Vader the most, then I’ll see from there. I do really like the looks of the wobblers

  3. Ugh just more SW pops to take up shelf space for months to come… Until they go on eventual clearance that is. SW fans just don’t collect these that seriously and they make WAY too many of these for such a (surprisingly) small Funko fan base.
    Not trying to bash SW, or their fans, but it seems every single exclusive retailer has plenty of them laying around and that’s never the case with other big Funko series.

    1. You must live in some weird netherworld where SW exclusives are falling off the shelves. A dream world if you will.

    2. It’s really rare you’ll see Star Wars Pops on clearance anywhere, the sell really well for the most part. Really I can only think of Wave Two of the Walgreens exclusives that are pretty common, but not many other SW exclusives at all.

    3. I think it really depends on where you live. West coast gets first dibs, but i live in New England and SW pops can be hard to find sometimes. The Walgreens exclusives take forever to make it out here.

    4. I’ve noticed that in retailers in my area too, didn’t know it was such a trend. Both Walmart and Walgreens only had Star Wars Pops left over the last times I’ve been, which was maybe 2 weeks ago.

  4. Star Wars is the one property where every background character who can be glanced for two seconds gets made into toys. Even if I was an obsessive fan, there’s simply too many. I pick and choose. Force Choke Vader, and all of the Jyn Ersos, are definite buys.

    1. I so agree with you! Those are the ones I’m wanting to get. Only Force Choke Vader & all Jyn Ersos are my wants.

  5. It does seem like characters who have 0.3 seconds screen time in the SW franchise get made into pops. There have been pops that I see and have to really think about to remember, and I’ve seen the movies too many times to count. So I only buy relevant characters. Otherwise I’d run out of space and money real fast.

  6. I’m already on a long journey to collect all the star wars pops, these are just a few more to add to the collection.

  7. I want them all, but I like trying to complete my Star Wars set. I think once the movie comes out though, people will realize the importance or how cool certain characters were.

  8. Definitely the standard Jyn and maybe the hood-up HT one. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to get one of the Cassians, but if I do I think I’d rather have the Target one. Waiting to watch the movie to decide might be too late, though…

  9. Same strategy as the last wave of Force Awakens, I’ll start with the exclusives and get the rest when I can afford them. The commons won’t be going anywhere except for Vader maybe.

  10. I’ll be getting both Vaders and all 4 stormtroopers. Still waiting on a Count Dooku and General Grievous though.*cough cough*

  11. I’m a Star Wars fan and I want these. I wasn’t going to buy them until I saw the glam shots and they did one hell of a job on them. I have to have them all!

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