Next Wave of Hot Topic Mystery Pops Coming Soon!

A new batch of Hot Topic exclusive Mystery Pops are expected to be available on October 1st! And the theme? Horror! Check out the back of the box below!


New versions of Beetlejuice, Jason Voorhees and Pinhead are the more common Pops in this set. The chase figure will be masked Alex DeLarge which you can see below.


25 thoughts on “Next Wave of Hot Topic Mystery Pops Coming Soon!

  1. Wow. I always told myself that I would never buy the mystery pops. Hate risking spending the money on duplicates but looks like I’m going to have to break that rule for these. The horror pops were some of the first in my collection and I Love all 4 of these variants.

  2. This might be the first time I’d buy a mystery box and not want the chase. Not because I don’t like the figure, but because I love horror, and I wouldn’t consider A Clockwork Orange to be horror by any normal standard.

    1. True, ACO isn’t a horror movie, but when Alex is wearing that mask, he is most definitely doing horrific things!

    1. It depends. Some mystery pops had 1/4, but recently the chances are 1/10 like the fallout mystery pops.

  3. Actually a little disappointed … they did a Mystery Minis of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Jack from the Shining, and David from Lost Boys … but no vinyl Pops! … this would have been their chance, instead of different versions of Pops they already have out.

  4. HT better keep them behind the counter, or people will push the front feeling for the nose, a la Madcap

  5. I’m definitely going to grab some. I honestly only want Jason and Pinhead. Would’ve loved a different chase figure, maybe a super Freddy, or a new capt. Spaulding.

  6. You think Jason and Pinhead will be readily available on eBay for a decent price like Fallout ones are? Really only want those two.

  7. Im not interested in these but for people who dont want to waste the money, I bought 2 of the Fallout ones on Amazon, got the medic pop for cheaper than in store and the Skeleton pop for more than regular but I still didnt piss away any money on duplicates.

  8. I think that Alex will be just like Madcap because of the nose poking out so people can just feel the packaging for the nose and they’ll know that it’s Alex

  9. These should be yearly, not bloody monthly.

    As it goes these end up sold in the uk as regular exclusives so ill wait for them.

  10. It would be so funny if hot topic is tricking us to think the chase is Alex but he is the Next Mystery Box chase

  11. Now I know why my local HT manager was not happy about “some news he just found out about that he couldn’t share yet”. He’s going to have to make more room for more Mystery Boxes that will never sell! Lol
    These and Fallout really are missing the big demographics of Funko collectors. Even another (puke) round of Deadpool at least would sellout! Lol

  12. Annnnd another madcap fiasco. Pushing the windows feeling for the nose, leaving the other 3 with dented windows and creases. Funko needs to do something else with these things, or what rAD_1 said keep them behind the counter. Which inknow they won’t do they will have to display them up front to attract the crowd. Ugh. Here we go again. And why be lazy with the nes Jason mask on Michael Myers body?

      1. 100% the Jason from part 5. The NES variant would have been preferable…but I guess I will buy a couple boxes and hope I get this one and maybe the Beetlejuice.

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