New York Comic Con Wave One

It’s that time of year again – NYCC is approaching. Are you excited? Well maybe the mix of Dorbz, Pops and ReAction Figures that Wave One holds will amp you up.

I love NYCC Freddy Funko Dorbz limited 2000 pieces.


Dark Crystal ReAction Box Set including Garthim and Winged Kira.


Everyone’s favorite retirees return with the Golden Girls Reaction set.


Jane of the Volturi Guard (Hooded).


Knives Chau (Digital)


Scott Pilgrim in his Astro Boy Shirt.


A Walking Dead throwback to the early Days with Shane Walsh.


And Super Saiyan Trunks for all you DBZ fanatics.



Any of these exclusives getting you pumped?

17 thoughts on “New York Comic Con Wave One

  1. Does anyone know if NYCC exc. are the same price or around the same price as the SDCC exc. Pops? Just looking at the Trunks mainly, may try to snag the Golden Girls ReAction figures though.

  2. Cool! So far so good! The only one I am interested in this announcement is the NYCC Dorbz Freddy. I (of course) love NYCC and I missed out on the Dorbz holding Pop from the Funko Shop! Sweet!

  3. FINALLY SHANE!!!! Now to figure out how and where to get him outside of NYCC and feeBay =/ Anyone find out if he will be available at HT, GS, or B&N yet by chance?

    1. Shane looks to be a shared exclusive, probably ht or gamestop. The stickers aren’t a numbered edition on it, the ones limited scare me lol. Hoping the dc’s will be shared. #affordable lol

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