New York Comic Con Wave 4

Wave 4 is a fun one and will definitely find some of us revisiting childhood favorites.

Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie with their animal buddies Custard & Pupcake.


Magilla Gorilla & Mr.Peebles 2-pack Limited to 1000 pieces.


Bubi Bear Pop Limited to 2000 pieces.


Square Bear Pop also Limited to 2000 pieces.


Very cute Dorbz Yogi Bear 3-pack with his buddy Boo Boo & Ranger which I believe is also a limited number piece.


Two More Banana Splits Dorbz Ridez with Drooper & Fleegle both Limited to 300 pieces.

nycc4drooper nycc4fleegle

And Dorbz Ridez Penelope Pitstop in her car Compact Pussycat limited to 2000 pieces.


Are you excited about Wave 4?

5 thoughts on “New York Comic Con Wave 4

  1. Kinda disappointing with most being limited editions that they’ll be impossible to get unless you pay a ransom on eBay,etc.

  2. These don’t do much for me, but I know many will appreciate them! The day will come when they make the highly-anticipated stuff. Just happy to see new Pops.

  3. I really like the Yogie Bear 3 pack. It’s a shame I’ll never get one since it’s in limited numbers.

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