New York Comic Con Wave 3

Where yesterday’s Wave was a DC wonderland, Wave 3 is packed full of Marvel goodness, especially for any of you X-Men fans out there and even more so for Dorbz collectors. So without further ado let’s get to it.


First off Chef Deadpool (Yay another Deadpool).


And for the X-men portion of our program.

Dorbz: Juggernaut


A Pop Kitty Pryde with Lockheed.


Dorbz: Storm rocking a sweet Mohawk.


And last but certainly not least is an XL Thanos Dorbz who is limited to 500 pieces.


Will you be snagging any of Wave 3?

17 thoughts on “New York Comic Con Wave 3

  1. Where’s the apron on Deadpool with some witty saying? This is just another version of Deadpool off the same mold with a few alterations, like the hat and what is in his left hand. Funko needs to make a little more effort if they are going to return to the golden goose this much.

  2. Is there any chance any of these will come to Europe? I really want that Kitty POP but not if i have to buy from a reseller at crazy prices.

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