New York Comic Con Exclusives Wave 2

You want DC? You got DC! Funko has announced wave two of their New York Comic Con exclusives, and it’s full of nine items from DC Comics. We’re getting a pair of new Dorbz from Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn with Mallet and Deadshot with Eye Scope. If you’re looking for Pops, you’ll see seven of those – a new version of White Lantern Batman, a new version of Classic Batgirl, a full-on Rainbow Batman, The Joker with Grenade from Suicide Squad, The Joker in his definitive role in Batman: The Killing Joke, Hawkgirl from Legends of Tomorrow, and a hooded Olivia Moore from iZombie.










14 thoughts on “New York Comic Con Exclusives Wave 2

  1. A master post with what stores will have what will come out probably a day or two after the final was is announced

  2. I told myself that I wasn’t gonna get any 2 of the same character (2 Deadpools, 2 Captain Americas, etc.) but after seeing that new Batman, all of that was left behind… That, and the fact that I just bought two different versions of Goku from Dragon Ball…

  3. I must have that batman, The Killing Joke joker is a must have as well. I just ordered my hawk girl from the Legion of Collectors series, and honestly, I like mine better, closer to the classic look. Lots of great pops coming out, I’m overwhelmed. I feel like I’m playing Pokemon with Pops.

  4. Now this is greatness. This is a lot worth mentioning. I’ll be getting most of these for sure.

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