New Walking Dead Pops Coming Soon!

Funko have announced their next wave of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures! The set will include Daryl holding an RPG, a new Carl, Rosita, Gabriel, Jesus and Freddy Mercury Negan. You can preorder all of them now over at Entertainment Earth with an expected shipping date of October. What variants do you think we will see from this set? Let us know in the comments!

jpeg (76) FUN11069--WD-Jesus-POP FUN11070-WD-Negan-POP FUN11066--Walking-Dead-Gabriel-Pop FUN11067--Walking-Dead-Rosita-Pop FUN11068-Walking-Dead-Carl

16 thoughts on “New Walking Dead Pops Coming Soon!

  1. *This comment sort of contains spoilers, so beware, I guess.* I’m a little surprised with these. They all look good, but I think my hopes were too high for how Negan was going to look. Carl looks great but Idk why he isn’t missing an eye. It even happens in the scene they modeled this Pop after. And does Gabriel have a fanbase at all? I’m really hoping they make Pops for Negan and his victim(s) after the big scene we’re all waiting for.

    1. I agree that Negan is disappointing. Maybe he will look better in person! And I’m sure we will see a one eyed Carl variant somewhere, like you said he’s wearing the exact get-up when he loses it! I’m also thinking that Gabriel will also be more prominent this upcoming season as they started redeeming his character during the last!

      1. You should Google “Negan Funko custom,” if you haven’t already. There are a few really good ones – comic and show – but the one with the beard after JDM’s portrayal is what made me expect more from Funko. And I’m sure you’re right about the Carl variant. Big potential for variants with this wave, I hope they capitalize on it. And for the record, don’t get me wrong, I’m pre-ordering Negan and Carl haha. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got some more afterward.

    2. I honestly think, well I hope is a better phrase lol, that a few are released this go around, atleast as variants or store exclusives (hopefully fomic fon wont get em all). Im sure the “one eyed carl” will make an appearance soon. Im sure another Rick is on the way (maybe Richonne two pack with apple? Lol). We better atleast get a Beth Pop 😉

  2. Carl with his eye injury Is up for pre order at GameStop and its exclusive to GameStop I got mine preceded already

    1. I have the injured eye Carl preordered from GameStop too but does anyone else find it odd that they do not have the “normal” Carl up for preorder? They have the rest of the set available and it makes me worry that there may have been a production change and that the Carl they have available to preorder is just the standard one.

  3. That does worry me because the loot list I printed out doesn’t say ‘exclusive’ like the other exclusive pops on the list.

  4. Here is my run down/wish list for TWD Pops.
    We definately need these regular veraions: Beth, Andrea, Lori, Dale (and Dale w/ Rv), Shane for heavens sake, Eugene, Sofia, Bob Stinkey (as we call him lol), Martinez, Milton Mimmet (Woodbury Doctor), Tara, Sasha, Deanna, Gareth, Aaron, Dwight (with burns), and plenty of different walkers.
    And Variants: Dr Denise w/ arrow through eye, Zombie Shane, Zombie Sophia, Ghost Lori, Zombie Milton, Bloody Andrea, Bob w/ missing leg, Garreth w/ said missing leg lol, Bloody Bullethole Beth, three pack of Prisoners (axel, big tiny, etc), Gutted Dale. Lordy, I could probably go on forever.
    Just wished Funko would make more show regs and variants for the two top shows in the world- TWD and GOT.

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