12 thoughts on “New Target Exclusive Harry Potter Pop! Inbound

  1. Was hoping to see something from HP wave 3 but still a nice pop I’ll have to get. Not too thrilled at the fact it’s a Target exclusive. I have had a terrible time with any exclusive from Target or Walmart. Wish they would just stick with GameStop and Hot Topic for retail exclusives.

  2. Target hmmmmm never can get anything here in orlando from any target…walmart sometimes. ….point is I agree with gamestop and hot topic. …probably gonna be a ebay buy grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Anyone else want a PPG app? I check PPG.com on my phone all the time to add pops, dorbz and everything funko. Would love to have an app

    1. An app would be amazing! Im on ppg. Several times a day checking the latest news and updateing my list. For ne it would be a product worth paying for!

  4. When will this be listed on PPG? We’ve got them here in Oz and I can’t find it to add to my collection online…

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