Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Reaction Figures

The Reaction Figure line is not dead yet! In addition to one released and one not-quite-released box set, we now have a series of five Dark Crystal Reaction Figures on the way. This series will include Jen (with crystal), Kira, The Chamberlain, UrSol, and Aughra. These are due in November and up for preorder at Entertainment Earth. I’m excited to see these, because not only do these look to be beautifully sculpted, I think this type of property is what Reaction Figures should be about. Movies and shows from the 80s, maybe 90s, that were never made into action figure lines. Alien, Predator, Back to the Future, Dark Crystal…perfect examples. Breaking Bad, Scarface, Golden Girls…what the ****?






3 thoughts on “Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Reaction Figures

  1. So wait, it’s going to be a build a crystal set? Get them all or don’t bother? I love the pops, but given how many half done build a figures I have from Marvel, I think this will be a pass.

    1. These are the same price as normal Reaction figures. The “Build a Crystal” is just a bonus if you want to collect the entire set. I would just buy the ones I want and maybe try to sell or trade the build a pieces. I normally don’t like these figures but I love The Dark Crystal and merchandise is limited. The pops are fantastic and worth more than these figures for sure!

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