8 thoughts on “Galactic Toys Dragonball Goku & Flying Nimbus Orange Suit Exclusive

  1. I actually prefer kid Goku in his blue outfit. Sets him apart more. Since I’ll probably never be able to get all the DB / DBZ Pops anyway (too many damned exclusives), I may pass on this one, depending on the price.

    1. Kid Goku pop whether the original Blue or this new red one, is one hell of a fine-Quality pop. (Not all pops are created the equal), but whoever designed the Kid Goku on Nimbus had mad skills and also a dbz fan and perfectionist.. It’s probably the most detailed, unique, and the quality pop I’ve gotten this whole year.. the idea of he Nimbus- Brilliant and well sculpted…his power pole is straight-Up iconic and gives off those awesome nostalgia vibes. His clothing, the blue the white and the front lace are perfect. I agree though, red is FAR more generic, whereas he only wore blue in only like the first 10 dragon ball episodes and never again..but since red is coming out 2nd and it’s an exclusive, I bet You Itll be more sought after, more valuable, and more Rare than the Blue. that shows just how many collectors or “Dbz fans” who are into pops, are DBZ casuals, or younger kids who just got on broad with DB Super, and are riding the hype just because real fans who love the show and grew up on it are Geeking out about anything new whatsoever which comes from Toriyama or anything whatsoever that is shown on DB “Super”… seems like people have no idea or taste when it comes to Dragonball and knowing what’s less generic, more Rare and special, etc. But you, and without a doubt know and love your Dragon Ball and got excellent taste. Blue>Red Goku outfit any day!!

  2. Pre ordered it. Price isnt bad especially since it comes with a pop protector. $16.95

    1. Hey, I saw you said you already pre ordered it. Nice, so did I. I.wanted to ask you, have you heard anything about any upcoming DBZ pops… I currently also have the SS Vegeta pre-ordered. I know that a Exclusive SS Trunks will soon come out at some convention… that s all I’ve heard about DBZ Pops future. I remember as 1 point, many people were talking and were saying that Gamestop employees had a pre order sheet for a SS Blue Vegeta, but that rumor has been dead for a couple months, especially when it was announced that Animetasia were releasing their own 1st exclusive Pop: SS Vegeta. If You know any insider info or details about anything DB/DBZ pop-related, I’d really appreciate if You knew anything and let me know. A response would be Kool, whenever you can I mean

  3. Hey DBZ is my shit, I started collecting the Pops about a year.5 ago. I actually totally agree with You zillamon51, as far as not being able to get the full DBZ set. I don’t have: 1.) Base Form Goku (black hair), 2.) Red-Hair SS God, 3.) Golden Frieza, 4.) Beerus, 5.) Marin Buu (Chocolate version), 6.) Planet Arlia Vegeta and I won be about to get the 7.) upcoming EXCL. Super Saiyan Trunks… Their too expensive, the Plane Arlia Vegeta is probably my “Holy Trail” cuz it’s a Mega-Rare and is worth over $1000 bucks. Back wen Red Hair God Goku came out, I wasn’t all happy about the “too simple/ Palate swap” design of him, so I didn’t even want is. Ever since the Ssgss/SS Blue forms came out, that’s all Goku use a in DB Super so I’m s really common in Merchandise, whereas the red hair form is never shown on the show so the weaker form is Way more Rare, and any figure f Goku Red is worth more than any figure of Goku Blue,Fact. Also Its harder to find and costs more…

  4. I’ve been looking for any person who’d be willing to trade me their SS God Red Goku… I have a decently large collection of figures, mostly Dragonball but also some One Piece and some Bireaking Bad… and I’ve been trying to find a person who doesn’t know much or care much about Funko Pops who’d not know their values or rarities, like a younger kid for example… Of the people I’ve tried one guy said he got the Newer New Blue SS God Goku and that he was going to replace the red one with it, and said he didn’t care much for it, so I was ready to trade him 3 nice figures for Red Gokux but it was a no go… and buying it would be $40 at the Very minimum, if I was to get Really really Lucky, more like $60 or $70 rs…

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